Solana Labs Courts Non-Crypto Brands with New Platform

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Solana Labs has unveiled a new platform to court non-crypto brands
  • Known as Bond, the platform aims to allow non-crypto brands to enjoy the decentralization of the Solana blockchain
  • Solana Labs specifically targets brands looking to enhance their loyalty programs

Solana blockchain creator Solana Labs has unveiled a new program for use by entities seeking to enjoy blockchain technology but without the crypto aspect. Dubbed Bond, Solana Labs has optimized it for blockchain-powered loyalty programs, saying that it solves “critical limitations” found in such programs. Bond accommodates web2 entities that are venturing into the web3 space, making it ideal for use even by brands that don’t have any blockchain experience.

Curating Experiences through NFTs

According to Solana Labs, Bond will help “elevate customer engagement” to deepen customer connections. The new platform will also help brands solve challenges emanating from cross-brand partnerships and scenarios when products are “sold through wholesale channels.”

Solana Labs disclosed that Bond solves these challenges by ensuring that the brands are continuously connected to their customers through “curated experiences.” The loyalty-focused program uses different approaches like NFTs and digital identities to improve customer experiences.

Bond’s creators also believe that the fact that it’s powered by the Solana blockchain will result in fast, low-cost transactions plus have the ability to scale to a brand’s demand, further ensuring a seamless user experience. 

Solana Launches GameShift

It also has a simple integration process making it easy to use. The loyalty-focused product comes four months after Solana launched GameShift, a gaming toolkit meant to ease access and interaction with Solana-powered games. 

It also comes a month after Solana partnered with Google to boost the adoption of web3 games and when entities like Starbucks have disclosed plans to sunset their NFT-based loyalty program. 

With web2 entities looking for a less complicated path to web3, Solana Lab’s Bond provides a clear path without crypto obstructions.