‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Sues Craig Wright et al For $1 Billion

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  • Someone claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto has sued Craig Wright and five others for $1 billion
  • The exact nature of claim is buried in a hotchpotch of rambling, unhinged testimony
  • The filing is the work of someone with a tenuous grip on reality

Someone claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto has sued Craig Wright, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, Elon Musk, the President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Mark Cuban, and the United States of America for $1 billion. ‘Satoshi’ claims to have suffered past harm caused by inaction over a prior court case and the apparent misuse of the Bitcoin name. However, documents submitted with the filing show that the plaintiff is, to put it mildly, on the loose end of the sanity scale, with the filing barely even mentioned Bitcoin or any of the accused, and instead rambling about The Knights Templar; a relationship with a lawyer, Robert Meyring; and requests to invoke whistleblower protection, leaving he reader with one pervading question – why?

‘Satoshi’ Claims to Have Been Forced to Create Bitcoin

The filing initially seemed like it would be a bombshell (where have we heard that phrase before?), with the real Satoshi Nakamoto finally revealing him or herself and trying to claim back financial damages from various cryptocurrency personalities for some perceived slight over the years. ‘Satoshi’, who according to the filing lives in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, is claiming $1 billion from the defendants, although the complaint itself results in confusion rather than explanation as to why the money is owed.

The complaint starts strongly, with “I am alias Satoshi Nakamoto”, but that’s as good as it gets (mind you, that’s about as much evidence as Craig Wright has managed to rustle up in the past). ‘Satoshi’ argues that several United States departments and several states “failed to act repeatedly in my case beginning in 1996”, which apparently compelled her (she claims to be a native American woman) to become Satoshi Nakamoto, after which Coinbase and others “used my person and my reputation”.

Sanity in Short Supply

The narrative then reads like a stream of consciousness from a bad writer after a few too many beers, writing lots but explaining nothing, before ‘Satoshi’ finally gets to the point:

All Defendants in the least are charged with the criminal federal violation of the civil rights of both Susan Herbert and Robert Meyring, of targeting Herbert exactly, of dishonoring Meyring’s squeaky clean law license and prejudice of women and so criminal obstruction of justice that became treason.

What follows this resembles a domestic Facebook rant from someone who left school far too early, and bears no relation to anything in the world, let alone Bitcoin. The whole thing is a mysterious pile of confusing garbage that, unless there is some Craig Wright-style 5D chess being played, is the work of a very disturbed individual, and certainly not Satsohi Nakamoto.