Satoshi Nakamoto Statue Unveiled in Budapest

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  • A statue of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto has been unveiled in Budapest
  • The status features an almost mirrored face, reflecting the premise that Bitcoin belongs to everyone
  • Craig Wright will no doubt sue the creators because the statue doesn’t look like him

A statue of Satoshi Nakamoto has been unveiled in Budapest, Hungary, and…shock horror…it looks nothing like Craig Wright. The bronze bust, dreamed up by entrepreneur and Bitcoin journalist Andras Gyorfi and installed by Hungarian inventor Erno Rubik, is an intentionally unidentifiable male head wearing a hoodie emblazoned with the Bitcoin logo. The true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is of course a mystery, making this one of very few statues in the world dedicated to an unknown person.

“We Are All Satoshi”

The Satoshi Nakamoto bust was unveiled yesterday in Graphisoft Park alongside a statue of another visionary, Apple founder Steve Jobs. Fittingly it was a group effort, with Gyorfi having the idea, Rubik coming up with the concept, and two sculptors, Tamas Gilly and Reka Gergely, making it a reality. The entire thing was financed by four Hungarian cryptocurrency organisations.

The face of the bronze Satoshi Nakamoto is highly polished to be almost mirror-like, which the sculptors said was intentional as it reflected the concept that “it (Bitcoin) belongs to everyone, the people of the internet, that we are all Satoshi.”

Will Craig Wright Sue?

Of course, the idea that Bitcoin doesn’t belong to everyone is not something that a certain Australian computer engineer would agree with (he is going to court over that exact thing), and in fact it wouldn’t be a complete surprise if Wright sued the makers because it doesn’t look like him.

Instead, the Satoshi Nakamoto statue is a reminder of Bitcoin’s true roots – a currency for the people by the people.