Satoshi Games is Making Lightning Network Gaming Mainstream

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Playing video games using the Lightning Network feels like something from the future, with Satoshi Games making the experience as seamless as possible. Whether you’re trying to catch them all in Poketoshi or are destroying penguins, bears, and bulls in Penguin Shooter, the Lightning Network has games on hand to keep you entertained for hours. Satoshi Games has created a wide range of games available to play using the Lightning Network, and some are actually rather impressive.

Lightning Network Gaming is Growing

If you don’t like in-game transactions – look away now. The Lightning Network allows developers to accept microtransactions in-game to make certain things happen or to purchase upgrades. Thanks to this lightning fast second layer scaling solution, payments made in-game are completed in a matter of seconds and with no transfer charges attached. As the Lightning Network grows and gains more attention, more developers are creating games using this powerful scaling solution. While none are designed to make money – for the time being at least – they are designed to show off just how fast the lightning network truly is.

Head Over to Satoshi’s Place

Inspired by The Reddit Place, Satoshi’s Place allows users to paint pixels on a canvas to create stunning artwork. Each pixel costs 1 Satoshi to paint and can be repainted an infinite number of times. We have seen some great works of art crop up here, including Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, the Dogecoin dog to Satoshi himself as the Bitcoin Supremacist. Satoshi’s place is a breeding ground for creativity and the artwork that has appeared over the months is truly breathtaking.

Play for Free or Pay to Play

Not all the games on Satoshi Games are paid games – that means you can enjoy classic retro gaming fun for free. If you want to use the Lightning Network to have some gaming fun, Flappy Crypto and Super Bro are two of the best games available. Flappy Crypto is a crypto take on Flappy Bird, where the user controls a bird dressed as a miner and navigates it through a series of forks. Players can buy power-ups to help evade the SEC and make it to the end.

If you prefer something more retro, you can head on over to Super Bro. Super Bro is a crypto twist on the classic Super Mario series. This time Satoshi Nakamoto has been kidnapped and you have to make it through the quest to save him and the Bitcoin network. Beware though, you only have one life per level and each level lasts sixty seconds, so take full advantage of the Lightning Network and go faster than ever before.

The Lightning Network has come on leaps and bounds over the past year, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. As more developers sink their teeth into the powerful scaling solution, we will see bigger and more complex games launch that utilize the Lightning Network.