Controversy Over Yuga Labs’ New Punk-branded NFT Collection

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  • DeGods founder Rohun Vora has lamented moving the collectibles from Solana Ethereum
  • Vora said that the decision was part of an attempt to make the community
  • The founder said he has learned from his mistake and will be on the lookout not to repeat it again

DeGods NFTs founder Rohun Vora, also known as Frank, has disclosed that he ported the collectibles project from Solana to Ethereum in an attempt to make the community happy, something that he has regretted since the migration. Vora also admitted that he has frequently changed the art featured in the NFTs in an attempt to appease collectors, but said that he wouldn’t make any more alterations going forward. When moving to Ethereum over a year ago, Vora said he was looking for a blockchain that would catapult the collection’s growth, raising questions about whether the projected growth resulted in a drop in adoption.

Fixing Collectors’ Anxiety

The decision to move the NFT project from Solana to Ethereum happened in an attempt to keep the project alive despite a slump in the space caused by the collapse of the Sam Bankman-Fried-led exchange FTX

In an X post yesterday, Frank disclosed that the migration was meant to “fix [collectors] anxiety,” something that he said was a bad decision since it didn’t achieve the desired outcome. 

Frank added that his plans to “move mountains to appease the community” have always backfired, adding that it’s easy to be swayed by the opinions of people “on the internet.”

There’s No Other Way to Learn

According to Frank, “NFTs will not look like they did in 2021 again.” For him, NFT projects will survive by building real communities. Frank’s bold confession received support from the community with some saying that “there really is no other way to learn [except spending] time in the [crypto] ring.”

Frank’s confession comes roughly one and a half years since the project, and its sister, Y00ts, moved to Ethereum. It also comes nine months after one of DeGods’ co-founders left the project under unclear circumstances.

With Frank regretting moving the project from Solana to Ethereum, it’s unclear whether he’s considering reversing the decision.