Roundup from the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit Winter Edition 2019

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The Malta AI BC Summit Winter Edition 2019 was one of the most hotly anticipated events of the blockchain calendar for those living in Europe, but did it live up to expectations? The Malta AI BC Summit was expecting to welcome more than 5,500 delegates as well as 150 exhibitors, not to mention the plethora of big-name speakers. But in reality, the Malta AI BC Summit was littered with empty booths, a startup village that would have been more deserving of the name startup favela and typical cramped quarters for exhibitors.

Still Not Enough Space

If you cast your mind back to May, we saw a Spring edition of this popular summit. However, it was incredibly disappointing and the vast majority of attendees we spoke to complained about the lack of space on offer. To try and alleviate these teething pains, the organizers behind the Summit decided to host the Winter edition at the Intercontinental Hotel, St Julians, the location of the first Malta Blockchain Summit.

However, the new “space” that the organizers added, they decided to fill with yet more booths. This led to traffic jams everywhere, booths literally on top of one another and no space at all for projects in the startup village to even talk to people. Let’s hope you’re not claustrophobic as the Malta AI BC Summit would definitely have caused a panic attack!

Blockchain Enthusiasts Let Down… Once More

As many high-profile Just as many high-profile blockchain events do, the Malta AI BC Summit promised tons of exhibitors that cover a large range of areas within the industry. Unfortunately, the cast majority of exhibitors were either advisory firms, company formation service providers or lawyers – not much use to your average blockchain enthusiast. This could be down to the fact that Malta does have rather generous tax legislation for companies, and the fact that promising projects with loyal fanbases are currently hitting the high-profile conference circuit in the US.

Timing could have been a major factor for the lack of enthusiasm at the Malta AI BC Summit, with World Crypto Conference Las Vegas and Swell both happening around the same time.

So, while the Malta AI BC Summit was disappointing for investors and blockchain enthusiasts, it was a roaring success if you’re looking to take advantage of the legal jurisdiction Malta has created for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency projects.