Coinbase Reveals New Coin Listing Process

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to new coins being added to exchanges, no platform moves the market quite like Coinbase. Most recently Coinbase was rumored to be adding Stellar to its platform and it caused the price of the cryptocurrency to skyrocket overnight. This is great news for all the crypto projects out there, as now they too can potentially get listed on Coinbase. The move to add more ICOs and cryptocurrencies will truly help develop Coinbase into a global player and become one of the top crypto exchanges worldwide.

Heralding a New Era

Previously, Coinbase had to reach out to projects and it charged them an enormous fee for applying to list on the site. However, under its new listing process, Coinbase is waving those fees and it has created a neat application form, so projects can easily reach out to Coinbase instead. This will help projects reach millions of traders in America that they previously wouldn’t have had access to. In addition to the reduction of fees and new application methods, it has also done away with its policy whereby all projects applying must be regulated in America. Now projects from all around the globe can apply to be listed on Coinbase.

Coinbase Expands Operations

Over the past few weeks, Coinbase has been ramping up its operations. Just last week Coinbase joined the race to launch the first Bitcoin ETF. Thanks to its experience in the crypto markets, there is a strong possibility that the SEC might finally say yes. It has also started looking across the pond, after seeing Brits were having issues when it came to investing in crypto markets. There were no major exchanges allowing Brits to buy cryptos directly with GBP, so Coinbase added four GBP trading pairs to its site in a bit to capitalize on this market. Coinbase has also raised the daily buy limit for all users. From now on, all users who have completed the verification process will be able to buy up to $25,000 in cryptos or fiat every 24 hours. This move has helped Coinbase snap up a handful of larger crypto investors.
Coinbase is slowly becoming a huge player in the crypto trading space, and by adding this range of new features it should succeed. While it isn’t the biggest or most popular crypto exchange in the world just yet, it is certainly popular amongst Americans and Brits that have found a safe and easy way to invest in cryptos.