Roger Ver Strikes Back At Craig Wright

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In so many words, Roger Ver took to Twitter recently to call Craig Wright and his partner Calvin Ayre “crony capitalists.”

Crony Capitalism

Ver says that filing for patents and “preparing to sue everyone” is the very definition of crony capitalism.

Ver added an image of crony capitalism being crossed out.

Craig Wright has previously claimed to have up to 2,000 patents in motion via his firm, nChain, the primary driving force behind Bitcoin SV.

Bitcoin SV is a version of Bitcoin with larger blocks than both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It is originally a fork of Bitcoin Cash.

Craig Wright was once a proponent of Bitcoin Cash, until he came to odds with Roger Ver, who remains a driving force behind Bitcoin Cash. Ver’s company,, is an essential part of the Bitcoin Cash economy.

Patent Trolling

Wright is one of six people to have a copyright claim against the Bitcoin whitepaper. The true author of the whitepaper remains unknown. Likewise, Wright has yet to prove, in the eyes of many, his claim that he is Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The alleged Nakamoto’s love for patents and copyrights is one of the many reasons that people doubt his actual connection to Satoshi. The original creator, after all, released his code as open source and his whitepaper as a pseudonym. People who believe in patents, at least, aren’t usually fans of anonymity.

Yet, Wright has stuck by his claim to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Roger Ver has previously called Craig Wright a “fraud” and invited him to sue. Wright has sued Ver for other things in the past, and did take the bait to sue Ver again last May.

That case was thrown out in August.

Ver and others believe that lawsuits around the code and ideas that make up Bitcoin and blockchain technology drag everybody down.

By his own estimation, this is part of why Ver broke away from Ayre and Wright, who were previously his close friends. But the aversion to courts may have to do with his own experience being the subject of more than one Craig Wright lawsuit.

As reported by BSN earlier today, a lawsuit against Roger Ver, brought by Bitcoin SV proponents UnitedCorp, has been allowed to proceed in federal court.