Protect Your Bitcoin in Style with the Scorpion Case!

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When it comes to keeping your Bitcoin safe and secure, some people are willing to go to extreme lengths. If you have huge stacks of Bitcoin, you could very well become the target of burglars that would consider home invasion in order to steal your BTC. To help keep your Bitcoin safe, Guns N Bitcoin has created the ultimate storage case. It’s going to be tough for a burglar to take your Bitcoin from you if you’re using a Scorpion case, that’s for sure!

Your Bitcoin Isn’t Going Anywhere

Even if you’re not worried about home invasion, the Scorpion case is the Fort Knox of crypto storage solutions that you can keep in your home – or take with you as you transport your Bitcoin from place to place. It comes packing multiple certifications, including: IPX7 ingress protection – waterproof, IP6X ingress protection – dustproof and, ASTM D-4169 DC-18 for a 48cm drop test, vibration, and rainfall. To top it off, the case can be immersed safely in water up to 1 meter deep. Putting your hardware wallet into the specially designed compartment is possibly the safest place on Earth.

scorpion case

Compartments for Maximum Bitcoin Protection

The Scorpion case comes with a foam liner that has compartments cut out for your various pieces of hardware. The gun compartment can fit subcompact, compact and standard sized pistols, with another compartment big enough to fit 2 or 3 magazines. Next up, there is space for various combinations of hardware crypto wallets of all shapes and sizes – meaning you don’t need a specific hardware wallet to use the Scorpion case. Finally, there is space for a pocket knife and a couple of USB cables. The Scorpion case is the ultimate Bitcoin protection.

scorpion case 2

People are Killing for Bitcoin

Sadly, as Bitcoin has become more valuable over the years, we’ve seen an increase in crimes focusing on Bitcoin users. A young man in Norway was tragically murdered for his BTC, and two Indian Bitcoin traders were kidnapped. If these Bitcoiners had a fully loaded Scorpion case, they may have had a fighting chance at keeping their Bitcoin safe and their lives intact. As Bitcoin carries on to new all-time highs, more and more criminals will seek to target Bitcoiners, so taking your security seriously is vital.

If you’re looking to keep your Bitcoin as safe as possible – and you live in a state with Castle Doctrine or stand-your-ground laws – then the Scorpion case is definitely for you. If you’re not into guns, there are some pretty epic hats available. Be warned, the hats are probably illegal in North Korea, New York, and California!