President McAfee? Crypto Legend Steps Up Presidential Bid

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Crypto evangelist, paid shill, tattoo collector, and alleged assassination survivor John McAfee has launched his 2020 presidential campaign with a song that highlights his core message – crypto is king. The song, made in conjunction with Coin Bros, is a hip-hop number that, fortunately, doesn’t feature McAfee himself. It focuses on McAfee’s dissatisfaction with the current administration and the actions of big banks, messages that will resonate with many cryptocurrency advocates.

McAfee (Doesn’t) Want Your Vote!

McAfee has already said that he doesn’t want to win the election, he just wants to have the chance to promote cryptocurrency to a wider audience. He announced his decision to run all the way back in June 2018, two years after his first foray into politics ended when the Libertarian Party, whose nomination he was seeking, nominated Gary Johnson instead. McAfee has stated that he would try for the Libertarian Party nomination once more, but would form his own party if he didn’t think he had a chance of winning or if they wouldn’t have him. Given his estimated $100 million fortune, it won’t be hard for McAfee to fund his campaign. Unofficial polls suggest McAfee has only 3% of the Libertarian vote, compared to front runner Larry Sharpe who has anywhere between 25-50%.

The Million Dollar Bitcoin Man

McAfee has also stated that by the time the 2020 elections come around he thinks that Bitcoin will be worth $1 million, not because its value has soared but because the fiat currency system will be crashing – by 2023, McAfee says, fiat will be “on its last legs”. Whether McAfee will be the man formulating the rescue package is unlikely, but whatever the outcome we know what his opinion will be regarding the direction the government should take. If you’re in any doubt, listen to the song again – if you can manage it that is.