John McAfee Reveals Controversial Pay-per-tweet Marketing Practices

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There isn’t a single cryptocurrency “voice” that is more ridiculous than John McAfee – and we mean that in the most complimentary way possible. His crazy cryptocurrency forecasts have become the stuff of legend, so his Twitter account has earned a huge following. The latest news to emerge regarding McAfee is his marketing exploits, specifically what he charges to promote ICOs and cryptocurrency projects. In a figure that’s certainly going to divide opinion, if you want McAfee to tweet about your product, it’s going to cost you a princely $105,000.

A true “McAfee move”

Pulling back the curtain and explaining how his cryptocurrency endorsements come about, McAfee described the cost as “embarrassingly huge”. He tweeted last week that the McAfee Crypto Team has published a guide on how the promotional tweets work on their website. The “Team” that McAfee is referring to is his ICO and cryptocurrency project marketing firm, which shows that McAfee is turning his voice into a fully-fledged business. He even described his marketing efforts as “self-aggrandizing and ego stroking,” so McAfee has a clear idea of what he thinks his backing is worth within the cryptocurrency sphere.

Ear to the people

Should you actually have an interest in acquiring McAfee’s services, the published guide actually makes for interesting reading. Revealing some interesting data, through McAfee’s in-house polls he’s able to ascertain that 259,000 of his Twitter followers “have more than 50 percent of their total assets in cryptocurrencies.” More importantly, he also states that 224,000 of his Twitter followers represent – at minimum – “$4.48 billion in cryptocurrency investments.” If these figures are legitimate, then it makes sense for McAfee to feel that he has the ear of the cryptocurrency community.

Reading between the lines

McAfee’s website also breaks down the data and how it rates to the $105,000 pay-per-tweet figure. He currently has 810,000 Twitter followers, with each being deemed a potential client. Breaking this down, he values the “cost per investor reached” of each tweet at no more than $0.13. Reading between the lines, it’s clear that McAfee believes the $105,000 figure represents value for money in today’s social media marketplace. He is also quick to state that he will only promote services and products that he “truly believes in.”

Fending off the critics

Generally, news of McAfee receiving a major payday for promoting an ICO wouldn’t be surprising. But, in the past he has been extremely reluctant to admit that it’s something that he would be interested in doing. During an interview earlier this year, he was directly asked if anyone had attempted to pay him for product promotion. His response was particularly evasive, McAfee said that he wouldn’t “talk about [his] personal finances,” saying that while people “definitely tried to pay me. It’s my business and it shouldn’t be everybody’s business.” McAfee even said that “it’s rude to even ask such questions of people,” so it’s pretty clear that the interviewer touched a nerve with this line of questioning.

McAfee’s latest money making venture!

The secret is out now, as McAfee has revealed all regarding his marketing side-business, along with his pay-per-tweet charge. However, at a cost of $105,000 per tweet, we might just keep our money where it is for now!