OneCoin Promoter Found Dead in Mexico

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  • A OneCoin promoter and a promoter of a related scam have been found dead in Mexico
  • Brito Ibarra became involved in OneCoin in 2017 and then Dealshaker, OneCoin’s marketplace
  • The pair were found stuffed into suitcases following a business trip to try and entice investors into their scam

A OneCoin promoter and his associate have been found dead in Mexico following an apparent attempt to promote the token and an associated crypto scam in the country. The pair, Oscar Brito Ibarra and Ignacio Ibarra, were found in suitcases in a parking lot in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, on Mexico’s west coast shortly after arriving in the city as part of a business trip to the country promoting OneCoin and Latin American Automotive Marketing Company (CLA), a related project the pair were involved in.

OneCoin Promoter Since 2017

Research from BehindMLM shows that Brito Ibarra is thought to have signed up as a OneCoin affiliate in 2017 before the project had been internationally outed as a scam. When OneCoin founder Dr Ruja Ignatova disappeared and the platform began to collapse, Brito Ibarra moved onto promoting Dealshaker, another illegitimate enterprise that claimed to be a OneCoin-accepting shopping marketplace.

When this platform also began to suffer thanks to OneCoin’s further collapse, Brito Ibarra learned about the Latin American Automotive Marketing Company (CLA), a company that claimed to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for cars. He joined as a representative in 2019 and earlier this year headed for Argentina to meet with a CLA representative, Cristian Cabrera, in an attempt to get them to accept the dying OneCoin and be accepted onto Dealshaker.

Word Gets Round About CLA Scam

The pair soon met with Ignacio Ibarra, another CLA representative, and travelled to Chile to promote CLA, with Brito Ibarra’s reputation among the OneCoin faithful helping their cause. However, by March CLA was being exposed as a scam too and word was travelling, to the point where OneCoin denounced the CLA platform in April 2020.

Carbera left CLA soon after this point, leaving the Ibarras stuck in Mexico thanks to the coronavirus causing Mexican authorities to close its borders. The pair continued to promote CLA despite its now tarnished reputation, managing to get an undisclosed number of OneCoin affiliates to hand over money to CLA for cars that never appeared.

Ibarras Died in June

The Ibarras went to Mazatlan presumably to tap up more potential investors on June 20 and were killed shortly after, with the connections to OneCoin only being revealed recently. A few days after the bodies were found, the CLA website was shut down and the organization has since gone dark.

No one has been fingered for the murders of the Ibarras, but it is known that Mazatlan is drug cartel country, and it may be that, two years after starting out on the crypto scamming road, the pair finally scammed the wrong people and paid the price.