OKEx Signs Advertising Deal with English Premier League

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Cryptocurrencies are no stranger to the fabulous world of football, and it appears the two worlds are getting cozier. OKEx has just signed an advertising deal with the English Premier League for it to have live banners around the edge of the pitch at a handful of games in the coming weeks. At the start of the season, eToro signed an advertising deal with the English Premier League based on very similar grounds. The crypto world is taking advantage of the popular sport to help promote itself to the world.

Following the Top Teams

OKEx has been rather choosy with which games its advertising will be displayed during. It has chosen a package that will give it heavy coverage when some of England’s top teams are playing. Its advertising campaign will kick off on November 25th as AFC Bournemouth host Arsenal, followed by Huddersfield Town against Brighton and Hove Albion on December 1st, Wolves versus Chelsea on December 5th, and finally during AFC Bournemouth against current league leaders Liverpool on January 8th 2019.

Persuading Football Fans

Football fans will be given the chance to win 50 USDT as part of the new advertising campaign. The campaign will go live as the TV feed from the Bournemouth versus Arsenal game begins and fans from all around the globe can take part – talk about bring crypto to the masses.

Team ICOs Picking Up Pace

Not all leagues are as well attended as the English Premier League, which has led to many clubs either folding or seeking alternative forms of investment. Two teams have decided to launch their own cryptocurrencies via an ICO in a bid to raise capital. Avai FC from Brazil will be the first team to hold its own ICO, and its new cryptocurrency will allow holders to have a unique say at what happens at the club. Sporting Portugal has also turned to an ICO in hopes of securing its future. It turned to an ICO after the banks in Portugal refused to help it issue a bond. Sporting Portugal’s IPO is set to launch sometime next year.
This is huge news for the crypto markets and could be a catalyst that markets have been waiting for. If OKEx reaches enough people who decide to buy into crypto, we could have a wonderful end to 2018 and ring in 2019 with a strong bullish movement. No matter which team you support, we can all get behind the digital currency movement.