Google and Alphabet’s Sergey Brin Reveals Ethereum “Side Hustle”

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We love a surprise revelation, with Sergey Brin’s latest revelation certainly bringing a smile to our collective faces here at BitStarz. Cryptocurrency might appear to be the enemy of the world’s leading tech firms – at least that’s what the media portrays – but the tide is now turning a major way. Brin is an Internet-age legend given that he’s the co-founder of Google and Alphabet, so his backing of Ethereum really is something.

Father and Son

Speaking at the Blockchain Summit in Morocco, Brin told audiences that he actually has an interesting “side hustle.” He’s revealed that he has been mining Ethereum in his spare time with his 10-year old son. Ethereum is ranked the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, with a market cap of around $44.5 billion. When you listen to Brin, he will often attribute the success of Google and Alphabet to how both companies have smashed through the wall of convention. Understanding the potential and possibilities of emerging technologies, Brin has found similarities within the crypto sphere.

Discovering Something Special

Believing that the minds behind various leading cryptocurrencies are creating something special, he said that the web created consensus algorithms – such as proof-of-work (PoW) – are “mind-boggling.” Labeling the progress of the cryptocurrency market as “extraordinary,” it’s evident that Ethereum has a pretty high-profile supporter in Brin.

For Security and Privacy

Ethereum isn’t the only cryptocurrency on Brin’s radar either. He’s been open about his interest in zero-knowledge proofs, a concept that underpins many altcoins that have anonymity as a core selling point. ZCash is a prime example of this style coin, with even a mind as educated as Brin having a hard time following the math. “I see the future as taking these research-y, out-there ideas and making them real,” said Brin.

Going Against Google

In Alphabet’s founding letter back in 2017, Brin discussed the power of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies – labeling them as a major factor in today’s amazing “computing boom.” The words of Brin and even Alphabet’s founding letter go against the stance of Google, which announced a cryptocurrency advertisement ban back in March. In a startling statement, Brin went as far as to criticize Google – the company he co-founded. He said that Google has fallen short when it comes to being on the “bleeding-edge” when it comes to embracing and understanding crypto.