Not 18 Yet? You Can Still Buy Bitcoin – Don’t Believe the FUD!

Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • Teenagers believe it’s illegal for them to buy Bitcoin and that they must be 18, but that’s not true
  • It’s possible to buy Bitcoin legally at any age, any time and in any location, you just need to know how
  • The more people that get into Bitcoin the better, so the ability to buy Bitcoin is paramount to its future

Teens all over the world are clamoring to get into the crypto world, wanting to buy their very own Bitcoin, Ethereum, DigiByte and much more. But, apparently most teenagers believe that you’ve got to be 18 in order to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos – what a load of garbage.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Bitcoin isn’t a class A drug, it’s not a weapon, it’s not an explosive. It’s a currency. What if you were not allowed to swap your precious dollars into Euros, Pounds, Francs or Rand? How would anyone under 18 ever go to a different country? Because it’s not illegal.

So, today I’m going to explain exactly how all of you teenagers can get your hands on your very own Bitcoin without using an Adult to do it on your behalf and without breaking any laws!

Step 1 – Get Some Fiat Money

Fiat money is the root of all evil, and inflation will mean that it’s eventually going to be as worthless and useless as a soggy cardboard box. Just look at how it panned out for Zimbabwe and Venezuela. The Federal Reserve is printing more USD every second, meaning your dollars will eventually be worthless.

So, first up, you’re going to want to get your hands on some fiat currency. Whether it’s from your job, your pocket money, savings, birthday money or perhaps you sold your bike, you need to begin with some fiat money.

I’m not going to promote any illegal activities you can do to get money simply because this guide is all about doing it legally, but you can get your money however you want to – I won’t judge.

Step 2 – Get Yourself a Suitable Face Mask

If you’re going out and about, you really should have a face mask to protect yourself and your loved ones from this COVID-19 pandemic. No matter what you believe, please just wear a mask when you go outside. There is actually a second benefit to this. When you head over to step 3, you’re going to be using a Bitcoin ATM.

Now, who knows who’s got a camera facing that thing, so a face mask will give you ample anonymity when using it. This means any nefarious people looking to use a facial recognition app to find you won’t be able to – win, win.

Step 3 – Find Your Nearest Bitcoin ATM

Depending on how far it is to your nearest Bitcoin ATM, you might want to ask a parent or friend to drive you, especially if you’ve got to pass through a dodgy part of town. You can use one of the many Bitcoin ATM maps to find your closest one, but I find using CoinATMRadar rather convenient.

Sure, you’re going to pay a lot more in fees than you would at an exchange, but you can buy Bitcoin for cash anonymously. There are limits on how much you can buy at a time, but you can just make two or three separate buy orders if needs be.

The KYC regulations on crypto ATMs are appalling, meaning you can buy Bitcoin through these ATMs as soon as you’re old enough to read the instructions on the screen.

Step 4 – Enjoy Your Bitcoin

Whether you’re 10, 15 or 25, getting your hands on Bitcoin is incredibly easy. There are many other ways that you can buy Bitcoin under the age of 18, but this is my personal preferred way thanks to the anonymity it provides you with. Now you’ve got your Bitcoin, you can choose to hodl it, spend it or swap it into just about any other crypto on the planet!

 So, Miss Teen Crypto, this is exactly how you can get your hands on Bitcoin before your 18th birthday – you could have asked us sooner!