Gala Games Deletes Hollywood Partnership Tweets After 70% Pump

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  • Gala Games has deleted a tweet that revealed partnerships with two Hollywood actors
  • The GALA token pumped 70% after plans with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Mark Wahlberg were revealed
  • The tweet has since been deleted with no explanation as to why

Gala Games has deleted a tweet that claimed it was developing films with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Mark Wahlberg, news which sent the price of the GALA token spiking nearly 70%. The tweet, which featured a Discord post outlining the partnerships, is no longer available on the official Gala Games account, but is still being widely shared on Twitter by other users. Gala Games is yet to formally announce the partnerships, and so this could have been an erroneous tweet prior to a formal announcement, or it could be something worse.

Gala Games “Working With” The Rock and Mark Wahlberg

The tweet itself was posted yesterday and provided “a little bit of information” regarding its ongoing work with Johnson and Wahlberg, via a Discord post from Gala Games CEO Eric Schiermeyer:

The post claimed that Gala Games has signed Johnson and Wahlberg to work on two films, although in which capacity it was not stated:

We are as you’re reading this developing two films with the Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) and Mark Wahlberg! Two absolutely huge forces in the entertainment industry. You’ve seen their work on screen but I think their presence might be even more powerful off screen and we are so happy to get the chance to work with them.

This news, naturally, sent the value of the GALA token flying by almost 70%, but just hours later the tweet was deleted, with no explanation. The fact that Gala Games hasn’t denied that the partnerships are genuine is positive, but at the same time the fact it has since removed the post suggests that something about it isn’t right, even if it’s just the timing.

The move had some others concerned too:

FullyCrypto has approached Gala Games for an explanation and will update this post if one arrives.