Deep Fried Crypto – KFC Canada Unveils the Bitcoin Bucket

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bitcoin has faced its fair share of doom and gloom over the past week, with the doubters coming out in force amidst its recent price drop. For that reason, some happier news has definitely been in order. Enter KFC to save the day; showing that the fast-food chain still has faith in Bitcoin, it has launched its very own cryptocurrency themed bucket meal. Yes, you read that right, for a limited time only KFC will be offering customers the Bitcoin Bucket.
Exclusive for KFC Canada patrons at this point, this impressive marketing move is presenting the world’s very first global fast-food chain Bitcoin purchasable meal. It’s a bit of mouthful for sure – in more ways than one – as the Bitcoin Bucket comes with its very own Facebook-based live-tracker, which in true Bitcoin style will monitor the standing price of the product. The actual price of the bucket will vary depending on Bitcoin’s exchange rate at the time of sale, but should work out at approximately $20.
It’s great to see a fast-food chain of KFC’s size and stature get behind Bitcoin, but all isn’t quite as it seems with this promotion. The caveat is that you can’t walk up the counter and just buy the Bitcoin Bucket as you would any other meal. Due to Bitcoin not currently being seen as legal tender in Canada, the only way to purchase it is through BitPay. For this, you will need to head to the dedicated online checkout and go through the payment process, with the Bitcoin Bucket being delivered directly to a customer’s address. It should also be noted that any Bitcoin Bucket purchase comes with a $5 transaction fee.
Giving Bitcoin fans their money’s worth, KFC Canada has been rolling out the tongue-in-cheek presentation through its Twitter page. One tweet reads, “If Satoshi reveals his true identity, his bucket is on us. #BitcoinBucket@KFC_Canada). The whole Bitcoin Bucket promotion looks to be a lighthearted way for the company to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, with it sure to generate plenty of publicity.
Tongue-in-cheek it may be at this point, but for KFC the Bitcoin Bucket could actually prove to be the start of something bigger, as a certain tweet caught the eye of the BitStarz team. It reads “We only sell in #Bitcoin right now. Other crypto coins in consideration – @KFC_Canada”, from it’s clear that further cryptocurrency support could be the pipeline.
Will KFC become the first fast-food chain to provide mass-scale Bitcoin support? Who knows, but for now the Bitcoin Bucket is certainly a tasty appetizer to tide people over!