Marks Jewelers to Accept Cryptos in a Bid to Cut Out Banks

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In a move that makes it one of the first high-street retailers in the US to openly accept cryptos, Marks Jewelers have teamed up with Shopping Cart Elite to process digital currency payments. With the new partnership, Marks will begin accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Ethereum, ZCoin, and Litecoin immediately.
Marks is well known in the US for its stunning diamond jewelry and excellent timepieces. In a bid to promote the use of crypto payments, Marks will offer special pieces and prices to those customers that decide to pay with a digital currency.

Diamonds Slowly Migrating to the Blockchain

Whether it’s through the storing of records, or simply a diamond purchase using a cryptocurrency – these sparkly gems are slowly moving towards using blockchain technology. Richemont is putting all of its diamonds on a blockchain in order to track and verify their origin and authenticity. Marks and Richemont are part of the De Beers Group – the world’s leading diamond company. Bitcoin millionaires love to live a life of luxury, and diamonds are seen as one of the most luxurious purchases around, making the pairing a match made in heaven.

Living the Luxury Bitcoin Life

Owning Bitcoin allows for certain transactional advantages and experiences. One prime example is this stunning, hand restored 1967 Ford Mustang. While this mustang will eat up 37 of your Bitcoins, it will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.
If driving isn’t your thing, how about ultra-VIP tickets to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On The Run II tour? Bitcoin will get you an all areas access pass, along with a whole host of other treats and goodies on the day that you simply can’t buy with fiat funds.

Speeding Up Luxury Transactions

The real reason as to why luxury items are now being sold for cryptos is actually simpler than you would imagine. Large fiat transactions can take weeks to clear so that anti-money laundering checks can be completed – not to mention the huge cost involved. Bitcoin and other cryptos allow transactions to be made within minutes and they cost only a few cents to process. In fact, a few weeks ago one Bitcoin holder sent $193 million worth of Bitcoin to another address in under 10 minutes and it cost a mere 65 cents.
So, whether you want to treat that special lady in your life to a new necklace or you fancy popping the question, you can now use your Bitcoin to do so at Marks Jewelers.