KFC Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments in Venezuela

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Colonel Sanders and his KFC franchise in Venezuela now accept DASH as a method of payment. It decided to make the move after most citizens migrated to the cryptocurrency following the bolivar being devalued to unheard of levels. It’s even reached the point where a loaf of bread has to be bought with a wheelbarrow of cash, while the government even created an app to help calculate the number of zeroes required for transactions. Venezuela is going through a really tough time at the moment, so some finger lickin’ good chicken will certainly not go amiss.

Crypto Saves the Day

Venezuela is being used as a Guinea pig for mass adoption of cryptos in a country, and it’s actually working quite well. While cryptos haven’t completely stomped out the hyperinflation, they have provided citizens with a way to live and go about their daily lives with relative ease. Nicolas Maduro – Venezuela’s president – has even tried to create his own crypto, but it’s been nothing but a total flop; ridiculed by the global crypto industry.

Bitcoin Educating Children

In what is seen as a testament to the warm-heartedness of the Bitcoin community, more than 500 kids in Venezuela received school supplies thanks to the kind folks over on Reddit. A charity called Crypto for Venezuela accepted Bitcoin donations from Reddit users and bought school supplies for hundreds of children. By educating the next generation, it’s hoped that this corruption and hyperinflation can be wiped out from the nation.

Crypto Shopping is Commonplace

Buying your groceries, a new couch, or a Christmas tree with cryptos might seem like a concept that’s a long way off in many countries, but one store is making it possible in Venezuela. Traki has been accepting crypto payments for a few months now, helping Venezuelans live relatively normal lives with their favorite creature comforts. Dubbed the Walmart of Venezuela, Traki sells virtually everything from its humongous stores located all around the country.

DASH Edges Out Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the most popular cryptocurrency in the country for a number of months. However, after the government cracked down on Bitcoin activity in the country, citizens quickly turned to DASH for help. This caused Venezuela to become DASH’s second largest market, and thanks to its speedy transaction times and low fees, Venezuela is pushing to take DASH’s top spot.
The situation in Venezuela is dire, but with more stores starting to accept crypto, citizens are beginning to see a glimmer of hope. Now citizens can enjoy a delicious bucket of fried chicken to help kick off the week in the best possible way.