Justin Sun Compares Ethereum to iPhone and Tron to Android…

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Justin Sun has compared Tron to Android, but nobody seems to agree with him
  • Instead, Justin Sun’s Tron has been likened to a cheap Chinese knockoff
  • The pundits are right, Justin Sun really has no clue what he’s on about

Justin Sun really is an entertaining character, ever trying to outdo himself. So, on the weekend, the ever knowledgeable Mr Sun decided to compare Ethereum to iPhone and Tron to Android. Just as you’d expect, it turned into a bloodbath pretty quickly, with many people mocking Justin Sun for his comparison.

A lot of people agreed that Ethereum is the iPhone in this example, but not everyone could agree on Tron being the Android. In fact, Matic appeared to come out as the winner of the Android title in the blockchain world.

And the Winner is…. Not Tron

As interesting as Justin Sun’s conclusions are in this little debate, Tron took a hammering. In fact, Tron got so battered by pundits, many people began comparing Tron to the cheap Chinese knock-off of Ethereum that breaks after a couple of uses. Ethereum managed to hold on to Justin Sun’s iPhone comparison in the fact that it’s highly polished, works well and has millions of users all around the world.

The point that Justin Sun was trying to make is that Tron is just a fledgling network but has a crazy amount of versatility. But, when you actually compare Tron and Ethereum, Tron really is just a cheap knock-off and does pretty much the same things, just worse.

Bitcoin is the Nokia 3310

We can’t have a conversation about phones without bringing up the old faithful Nokia 3310. As you can imagine, Bitcoin, the granddaddy of blockchain technology, was compared to the Nokia 3310. While it’s slow and a bit clunky, Bitcoin’s hash rate makes it virtually indestructible. It’s 7 transactions per second made it just as slow as the 3310 compared to modern phones, but it’s the phone we all know, love and remember.

Backing the Matic Horse

Matic was the surprise entry here, as Justin Sun didn’t even mention it. Quite a lot of pundits came out in defense of Matic and brought up some really interesting points. Matic is fast, cheap and does everything Tron does for a fraction of the price. This could make Matic a token to watch for the future, if you’re into trading alts.

But, by far, a Twitter user by the name of Mad Cheddar won the internet for the day for his comment. Summing up what a LOT of people in the crypto space are thinking, Mad Cheddar wrote: “i’ve seen u tweeting for like 3 years no and still have no idea wtf tron is” – we hear you, bro!

Whatever you think the Android of the crypto world is, I think we can all agree on the fact that it’s not Tron…