Tron Suffers Attack During Mainnet 4.1 Upgrade Period

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Tron got hit by an attack over the weekend akin to a DoS attack
  • The Tron network is back up and running fine, but that doesn’t mean spin master Justin Sun will let it go
  • Sun turned this simple attack into a major win for the Tron network… surprise, surprise

On Monday morning, Justin Sun was forced to make an announcement about Tron. No, this wasn’t an announcement about an announcement of an announcement that’s good for Tron, but instead Sun was making an announcement about an attack that happened over the weekend.

As the mainnet 4.1 upgrade was going live, an attacker decided that it was the perfect moment to wreak havoc on the Tron network, rendering it virtually unusable until the Tron developers could come in and issue a fix – not how Sun had planned spending his weekend, that’s for sure!

Ready. Aim. Fire!

As far as timing goes, this attacker pretty much timed it to perfection. When a mainnet upgrades, there’s usually a period of instability and people waiting to see what happens. So, this provides the perfect guise to slide in an attack and if you can progress with it far enough, you can really take hold of a network, and that’s exactly what this attacker did.

The attacker created a malicious contract that spammed the network with transactions. This in turn caused Tron’s Super Representatives to stop producing blocks. This style of attack isn’t dangerous and results in no lasting harm to the network, it’s more of a pain in the butt attack. Think of it like a DoS.

Tron is Alive Again

The whole attack and fallout lasted just over three hours, highlighting just how easy this type of attack is to stop. Despite this, Sun applied his marketing degree and used it to the max. Sun made the attack sound like it could have been the end of the world, and that if it wasn’t for Tron’s fast actions the attack would have been far worse. In his Tweet thread, Sun wrote:

Withstand this large-scale attack, once again proving that the #TRON network is the decentralized network with the most resilience and attack defense capabilities in the industry!

Unfortunately, withstanding an DDOS attack isn’t really anything to toot your own horn about. If anything, it just goes to show how weak and vulnerable Tron really is. If a single developer can execute so many transactions and shut down the network, imagine what someone with a whole bot army could achieve. Those are the types of attacks we see hitting other blockchain networks on a weekly basis and they fend them off with ease.

Go Back to Kindergarten, Sun

Justin Sun has once again proven that his Tron network is the most fragile piece of garbage in the blockchain world. A couple of transactions sends the network into disarray, not something you really want as a developer. No wonder developers are staying put on the Ethereum network and not even considering shifting over to Tron… Perhaps Sun should focus on being nicer to employees and these things might not happen.