Marathon Digital Unveils Bitcoin Scaling Layer ‘Anduro’

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  • Bitcoin miner Marathon Digital has unveiled a Bitcoin layer 2 platform known as Anduro
  • Marathon said the platform will help open up the Bitcoin blockchain to more users
  • Anduro will support features such as decentralized governance

Leading crypto miner Marathon Digital is increasing its involvement with the Bitcoin blockchain with the launch of a multi-chain Bitcoin scaling layer called Anduro. The layer 2 network will provide features like decentralized governance and cater to Bitcoin developers’ needs in a bid to open up the Bitcoin blockchain to more users and use cases. Marathon disclosed that it intends to put the network’s development in the hands of a decentralized community, an indication it’s ready to work with its users to decide Bitcoin’s adoption through a scaling layer.

Ordinals Sidechain

In an announcement on February 28, the crypto miner said that Anduro has been in development for some time and that it aims to fast track “Bitcoin development and adoption.” According to Marathon, Anduro is a programmable layer 2 meaning that developers can use it for a wide range of applications.

Marathon added that the scaling layer can act as the main chain for multiple sidechains further increasing usage and access to the Bitcoin blockchain. The mining heavyweight disclosed that it’s already working on two Anduro sidechains to showcase the protocol’s “flexible programmability.”

One of the sidechains focuses on onboarding the Ordinals community while the the other “is an Ethereum-compatible chain for institutional asset tokenization.”

Marathon Raises Money for Bitcoin Core Devs

Marathon revealed that Bitcoin miners can participate in running the scaling layer and earn a portion of the transaction fees in a process that won’t hamper their commitment to the main blockchain.

This isn’t Marathon’s first extra involvement within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Last year, for example, it collaborated with Brink to raise funds for Bitcoin Core developers. It also comes a month after Bitcoin developers announced a new platform to bring DeFi to Bitcoin.

With the arrival of Anduro, it’s to be seen whether the Ordinals project will move from the main chain to the scaling layer and whether it’ll gain considerable attention considering Bitcoin’s low transaction speeds.