Satoshi’s Treasure Hunt Offers $1 Million in BTC

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Satoshi’s Treasure, another in the growing line of Bitcoin treasure hunts, is offering an amazing $1 million in BTC to the sleuth who can crack the clues and win the huge prize. The hunt, which has been launched by an anonymous benefactor, aims to appeal to anyone who “wishes to add some excitement to their lives” and involves hunting down 400 of the 1,000 pieces that the treasure has apparently been split into.

According to the creator, this process that will require resolve, courage, intelligence, deep knowledge of certain subjects, the ability to travel to remote locations, and feats of strength. The quest will end when the anonymous organizer is “satisfied that I’ve found a group of hunters worthy of taking the prize.”

Bitcoin, Magic, and Wizards

The quest was announced via a Blockstream satellite message and came in the form of a vague message that referenced the splitting of the Bitcoin treasure “using the splitting magic of the wizard Shamir.” According to the poster, the aim of the treasure hunt is to reassemble the shattered treasure by finding 400 of the 1,000 pieces, which can be done by solving the regularly posted clues, the first three of which were posted on the treasure hunt’s website, with “a series of puzzles and challenges of increasing difficulty” to follow.

No evidence of an actual prize has yet emerged, such as a Bitcoin wallet address containing the funds or even a portion of them, so anyone willing to take up the challenge is doing so in the faith that it exists.

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Second Biggest Prize

The prize in Satoshi’s Treasure isn’t the biggest that has ever been awarded – that honor goes to the 310 Bitcoin challenge, which saw $2 million worth spread over a number of wallets in a piece of art. The bulk of this prize was claimed within a week, but it seems that the creator of Satoshi’s Treasure has taken steps to ensure that his contest goes on for a while longer. For those who would like a taste of the type of clues to expect, here is the first:

These three keys begin my Hunt. The first of one thousand, they are hidden in locations around the earth, in places where many dwell and one with only a small number of inhabitants. These locations can be discovered by monitoring the output of the primitive orbitals known in your time as GALAXY18, EUTELSAT 113, TELSTAR 11N, and TELSTAR18V at 1PM EST, APRIL 14th in the year 2019.

Good luck. You’ll need it.