John McAfee Tells Crypto Holders Not to Panic

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Everyone’s favorite crypto personality – John McAfee – has spoken out on Twitter to calm the nerves of any holders that are facing huge losses in the current bear market. While this market downturn does certainly feel like it’s going to last forever and take no prisoners in the process, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.
McAfee gets rather colorful in his explanation of how a bear market feels, but he urges his followers to remain calm and hold on – after all, you only make a loss when you sell.

Experience Says it All

McAfee seeks to rally his followers and stop them from taking huge losses, pointing out the very pertinent fact that bear markets happen in every industry. At the end of a bear market always comes a nice bull market and his message is simple – hold on through this crypto winter and a crypto summer will bless you with great rewards.
At 73, he has lived through countless financial crashes, the bubble popping, and now the third crypto winter – I think we can take his word for it, this bear market will be over soon enough.

Mrs McAfee Weighing in

Mrs McAfee appears to share the same sentiment that virtually every crypto trader has at the moment – when will the bear market end! However, John is pretty quick to reassure her that everything will be fine by saying

Love you babe. We are laying together in bed, pups at our feet, an unattended movie playing, Vodaka and assorted chemicals scattered everywhere. We are lost in our phones, not looking at one another and we are communicating through ten thousand milee if cable. Time for. . ?

– it appears as if he has an activity lined up to take their minds off the bear market.

McAfee Makes Huge Bitcoin Predictions

McAfee is well known for his highly positive – and sometimes insane – predictions about the future price of Bitcoin. Back in 2017, during the crypto frenzy, he was seen on live tv making some very bold claims. In fact, he is so sure of his price predictions, that he made a bet by saying “I will eat my dick on national television” if Bitcoin didn’t reach $500,000 within three years. We aren’t far away from 2020 and Bitcoin is sliding even lower, hopefully McAfee has been taking tips from his “toothless hooker”.

Bull Run Incoming

In July, McAfee claimed that a bull run was just around the corner. Now, we aren’t quite sure what constitutes just around the corner to McAfee, but when you have nearly been assassinated several times we won’t press you for a timeline.
McAfee made this claim on his Twitter page, saying that the bear market was nearly over and soon we will be in crypto summer – we are still waiting John.

Promoting Unsecure Brands

We all have to pay the bills somehow, and McAfee is turning to paid Tweets. ICOs and companies will pay McAfee thousands of dollars to Tweet about their product, a practice which he is very open about and proud of.
One of the companies he has supported – Bitfi – has had to remove the world “unhackable” from its branding. It made the move following reports that a teenager managed to hack into Bitfi’s “unhackable” crypto wallet. While it’s not the worst project he has supported, it’s certainly an embarrassing blunder.
We love McAfee’s sense of spirit – which is definitely hard to come by given the recent beating the crypto markets have taken – but we can’t see the bear market leaving us any time soon. It’s definitely going to get worse as time goes on, but you only take losses if you sell. If you hold on like John, the crypto summer will eventually come and it will be a bountiful time for the crypto community.