Jamie Dimon Given Bitcoin Soap Box Again

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Jamie Dimon has once again been presented with an opportunity to denigrate Bitcoin
  • Axios asked a leading question on the cryptocurrency during an interview in a clear desire to get a soundbite
  • The only reason people like Dimon are asked about Bitcoin now is so the platforms can print some nice sensationalist headlines

Jamie Dimon has been making headlines about Bitcoin since 2017, taking every opportunity to criticize it to the point where it really shouldn’t count as news anymore. But outlets know that they can get a tasty soundbite out of Dimon regarding the cryptocurrency, something that was reaffirmed yesterday in an interview with Axios, where, prompted by the outlet, Dimon agreed that Bitcoin was “a little bit of fool’s gold” among other criticisms.

Dimon Rolls Out the Hits

In the interview Dimon rolled out all the hits, saying that Bitcoin had “no intrinsic value”, that it was a modern-day version of the tulip craze of the 1600s, and that it was used primarily for illicit activity. All these points have been rebuffed many times over, but it’s clear that at this point Dimon has no interest in educating himself on the subject of Bitcoin, and with each interview he gives where he gets the chance to double down on his viewpoint he merely becomes more entrenched in his views.

Critics Wheeled Out for a Soundbite

The fact that outlets still ask the likes of Dimon, Charlie Munger, and Donald Trump what they think of Bitcoin is because they either have an agenda to fulfil themselves or they are looking for a nice juicy headline to run with. Everyone knows what people like this think about Bitcoin, so the only reason they are even asked anymore is because the interviewer knows that they can winkle out a nice bit of sensationalism.

Unfortunately, the media sells on extreme views, and so we can expect Bitcoin critics to be wheeled out now and again to be asked if their opinions have changed, with outlets knowing full well this will never be the case.