IoTeX/Tenvis Ucam Brings Blockchain Into the Home

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • The IoTeX blockchain is being used in conjunction with an indoor security camera
  • The Tenvis Ucam uses the IoTeX blockchain instead of a centralized cloud service
  • The camera represents one of the few household applications of blockchain to date

Blockchain technology made such a splash in 2017 that you would be forgiven for thinking that we would all be hooked up to one by now, but this has not been the case. The situation could be about to change however thanks to the development and production of the first blockchain-powered security camera from IoTeX and Tenvis.

iotex ucam

IoTeX Ucam Makes Blockchain a Reality

The argument that blockchain technology is nothing but a combination of vaporware and pipe dreams is not without merit, but the creation by IoTeX and Tenvis of a security camera that stores data on the blockchain might just be the start of the blockchain home invasion.

The IoTeX Ucam is a 1080p IP camera with the same features you would find on a regular high end indoor security camera, but it is the use of the IoTeX blockchain that makes it a different proposition.

Because the data from the camera is uploaded to the decentralized IoTeX blockchain it cannot be viewed or hacked by a third party, which introduces a whole new level of security without any added inconvenience – the camera functions like any other cloud-based security device, except the cloud itself is not stored in one location.

The First of Many?

IoTeX/Tenvis Ucam is a great example of blockchain being used in the real world, one of the sadly few examples we have to call on after the hype that was brought to the space by the 2017 crypto bull run. Should the Ucam’s use of blockchain technology turn out to be a success however, we could well be witnessing the start of centralized cloud services being replaced by much more secure blockchains.

And it wouldn’t be a year too soon.