Earn Bitcoins While You Game with BitBoy

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  • Ordz Games has unveiled BitBoy, a handheld gaming device purported to enable players to earn bitcoins while gaming
  • Drawing inspiration from classic consoles like the GameBoy, BitBoy blends retro aesthetics with blockchain technology, aiming to popularize blockchain gaming
  • While the concept is intriguing, BitBoy’s success in balancing user experience with blockchain functionality remains uncertain, awaiting real-world validation

Ordz Games, a Hong Kong-based company, has recently introduced the BitBoy, a handheld gaming device that claims to allow players to earn bitcoins while they game. Drawing inspiration from classic gaming consoles such as the legendary GameBoy, BitBoy combines retro aesthetics with blockchain technology in a way that it hopes will bring blockchain gaming into the mainstream. How well it can achieve the balance of user experience with blockchain functionality remains to be seen, of course, but the idea is no doubt intriguing.

Nostalgia + Innovation = BitBoy

BitBoy was developed by an entrepreneur by the name of z3th, who spoke to GamesBeat about his intentions over the device, claiming that his ambition was to blend nostalgia with innovation. The device itself is very reminiscent of a GameBoy with the same essential design, albeit with a translucent red case, and a name that unfortunately evokes a certain disgraced crypto influencer.

The real interest is what goes on inside, however, with Ordz Games designing the operation of the device around Bitcoin ordinals; BitBoy’s native applications are connected to the Bitcoin blockchain, allowing users to play a wide variety of video games that are forever inscribed as ordinals.

Hey (Not So) Big Spender

BitBoy also serves as a mining machine powering a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DEPIN), where users can earn points and farm airdrops by simply having the device running. The device’s bitcoin-earning potential is naturally very small, and is more of a notional interest piece than anything truly useful, as z3th pointed out:

The mining power of the physical device is very, very weak. It will take years to mine. You’re not going to make real money from it. But it’s for fun.

Players earn coins by playing Play2Earn games, receiving airdrops, mining other DEPIN tokens, and winning tournaments.

BitBoy will be debuted at upcoming industry events, including the Hong Kong Web3 Gaming Expo and Paris Blockchain Week, where the gaming community can run the rule over the nostalgia-driven device.