Huawei: Current Telecom Network Can’t Handle Metaverse

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  • Chinese telecom heavyweight Huawei believes the current telecom infrastructure can’t handle the needs of the metaverse
  • Huawei thinks 5G and 6G networks can provide the required speeds to access the virtual world
  • The company also sees NFTs and crypto as critical components of the metaverse

Chinese telecom heavyweight Huawei has observed that the current telecom infrastructure isn’t strong enough to handle metaverse needs. In a report released by the company’s Middle East outfit, Huawei noted that the current network speeds suffer from latency issues that need to be addressed “for the metaverse to succeed.” According to Huawei, deployment and adoption of 5G and 6G networks can help reduce the latency for a smoother metaverse experience.

Infrastructure Holds the 7 Metaverse Layers

The report divides the metaverse into seven layers with the telecom network infrastructure and devices used to access the virtual world occupying the first and second core layers respectively. The other layers focus on decentralization, virtual reality, creator economy, advertisements and virtual shopping, games, etc.

According to Huawei:

The infrastructure layer includes the technologies that enable devices, connects them to the network, and delivers content. 5G networks will dramatically improve bandwidth while reducing network contention and latency, while 6G will increase speeds by yet another order of magnitude.

Network Operators Involved with Metaverse 5G Projects

Apart from the telecom infrastructure, Huawei believes that metaverse-focused hardware will also need an upgrade in order to achieve a smooth experience in the virtual world. The report also disclosed that network operators like AT&T, Vodafone, Verizon, China Mobile, NTT DoCoMo and e& are already involved with metaverse projects and some are already deploying 5G networks. 

The report coincides with mobile phone companies building 5G-enabled smartphones, which confirms that the current 4G network has glaring shortcomings capable of hindering the full metaverse experience.