How Much of Crypto Hate is Envy?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • There is a great deal of anti-crypto sentiment among the general public, especially when they read about big winners
  • The negativity is not just about any perceived lack of value in cryptocurrencies however
  • Plenty of people who criticize cryptocurrencies are simply jealous that they are not in the club

As anyone who has spent any time in the cryptocurrency space will know, there are a lot of people who don’t like it. They claim that the tokens have no value, that they are worthless, and that those whose job is to trade them make no contribution to society. These people are probably plugging away 9-5 in jobs they don’t like, desperately trying to save a few thousand dollars for a house, and at the same time reading stories about people who took a punt on an NFT and a year later sold it for millions. Rather than any genuine anger towards an asset class they do not understand however, there is a simple secondary reason why most share this anger – envy.

Crypto Envy Manifests Itself in Anger

It’s only natural for those who have no knowledge of crypto to look upon those making life-changing amounts of money on what they perceive to be valueless tokens and be jealous. They probably have the same feelings for lottery winners or even those who get rich off simple ideas, or things that they themselves perceive as easily obtainable if only they had had the idea.

This envy manifests itself in online rants (or, if they’re journalists, public rants) about the pointlessness of cryptocurrencies, about how they’re damaging the planet and don’t serve any purpose. Yet, let them walk a metre in the very comfy shoes of someone who rode the DOGE wave and beached themselves on their own private island and you wonder if they’d be harping on quite so much.

Don’t Be Jealous, Take Part

While it is natural to have a ‘why not me?’ feeling about other people’s success in such ventures, the question to ask is just that…why not you? There is nothing to stop you doing what millions of other people have done and actually educate yourself on the topic of cryptocurrencies and actually step foot into the market. If you don’t, you’ll always be the one scratching a living and complaining that other people get all the luck.

Regulators make it hard by warning all and sundry off the crypto markets, but this only makes it harder to stomach when you learn that your friend has bought a nice new Audi on the back of doing the irresponsible thing and making bank off SHIB. We’re not suggesting going all in on shitcoins here, quite the opposite in fact, but it’s a fair assumption that a large amount of the anti-crypto sentiment in the general public is frustration that they are not part of it and they don’t know how to get in, even though it is trivially easy to do.