Satoshi Nakamoto – From Tech Genius to Spotify Musician?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Satoshi Nakamoto hasn’t been heard from since December 2010
  • Could he have quietly reappeared as an artist on Spotify?
  • We look at the credentials of three Satoshi Nakamoto musicians

Many in the crypto space have spent time wondering what happened to Satoshi Nakamoto after he walked away from Bitcoin in December 2010. Given that there’s a possibility he was an extremely talented artist as well as a technological genius, the idea of him pursuing a career in the arts is not out of the question, and if Spotify is anything to go by then he may already be doing that.

Bitcoin, the Album

A search for Satoshi Nakamoto on Spotify reveals three candidates – two by that name and one by the name Nakamoto Satoshi. The first Satoshi Nakamoto has released one album on the platform, called Bitcoin, with the track listing having a very distinct theme:

Spotify Bitcoin

The low-fi album was released just a few days ago but has already racked up tens of thousands of listens. The artist, who goes by the Instagram handle @satoshinakamotobeats, is referred to as Den Haku Lofi on the platform, although this turns out to be the name of the label rather than the artist themself. The style of music is very much the kind of thing that a developer would listen to while coding away, probably through some big retro headphones.

Ninja World Order

The second Satoshi Nakamoto also has one album, Ninja World Order, which has received much less exposure, despite being released in 2019. With two of the track titles being ‘Lucifer’s Theme’ and ‘Steel and Darkness’ you may think you’re in for some hard core metal, but instead we have a classical/low-fi mash up that is similar in many ways to our first Satoshi Nakamoto entrant:

Spotify Ninja

We’re not sure if Satoshi was a particularly mystical person, but the fact that the album refers to a new order could be a subtle hint as to the artist’s true identity, given Bitcoin’s aims. There is even more of an air of mystery around this artist, who credits everything to Satoshi Nakamoto and doesn’t claim any credit. Sounds like one Craig Wright will be claiming copyright soon…

More Lofi Loafing

The final entrant, Nakamoto Satoshi, has one single on the platform – Lofi Tapes – which contains two songs:

Spotify tapes

As the name suggests, Lofi Tapes is another in the lo-fi genre, and it was released in mid-December, although it hasn’t garnered many listens as yet. December was of course the time when Bitcoin was going parabolic, so perhaps ‘Positions’ is a celebration of a healthy bitcoin position? And what is another name for the ‘night sun’? Clever. Very clever…

Satoshi Nakamoto – Creator of Crypto and Good Music

The fact that all three artists favour the lo-fi genre is either completely coincidental or riddled with meaning (our investigative attempts end here), but, regardless of whether the artists are the actual Satoshi Nakamoto, they are all well worth a listen as you ponder your own theory on who created Bitcoin.