Tron and Binance Donate $200,000 in Crypto to Maltese Charity

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Tron and Binance have both donated $100,000 in cryptocurrency to the Malta Community Chest Fund in order to help the underprivileged citizens of the country. The fund supports citizens who require financial assistance, whether it be to buy food or seek medical care overseas due to the lack of local facilities. The holiday period is the time for giving, and these two crypto giants are giving desperate people a bright and positive start to 2019.

Crypto Repairing its Image in Malta

A lot of the individuals and families that will be receiving money from the foundation will be happy to hear that it’s from the crypto sphere. Malta is pushing as hard as it can to become the blockchain island, but this new status brings a whole raft of problems along with it. Due to the influx of overseas workers, the living costs have risen considerably, pushing many poorer families into absolute poverty. Items such as property, rent, food, and consumer goods have soared in value in the past few years, meaning many lower-income households cannot afford to live. This donation from the crypto world will help smooth over its image with these poorer families, as it shows that the crypto community – and the country – is at least trying to help those in need.

Marketing Opportunity for Justin Sun

If you know the crypto world, you know that Justin Sun is one of the best marketers in the industry. As the Founder of Tron, a Tweet from Sun about the project can spark huge price spikes in its cryptocurrency. There is no doubt that Justin Sun has seen this initiative as a great chance to curry some favor with the Maltese regulators, as well as his herd of followers. In fact, earlier this month Sun offered to “rescue” all the developers that the EOS and Ethereum projects are laying off due to falling prices of their cryptos.

Binance Getting Charitable

Earlier this year, Binance decided to get charitable with its listing process. Many crypto exchanges were receiving a lot of abuse over their listing process, so Binance decided to change how it lists new coins. Rather than asking for a fee to list a project’s cryptocurrency, it’s now asking for a donation to its charitable arm. These donations are then used for projects like this – a much better cause than lining the pockets of the rich.
No matter the reason behind these two projects donating to the Malta Community Chest Fund, it’s still a great cause to get behind. If you want to join these two crypto giants and help the underprivileged citizens of Malta, you can donate to the Malta Community Chest Fund – after all, it’s the season of goodwill.