Fidelity Exploring Top Altcoins for Crypto Trading Platform

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Fidelity is eyeing up new cryptos to add to its digital asset trading platform, which it announced back in October. Fidelity has already listed Bitcoin and Ethereum due to the fact they were the top two cryptocurrencies at the time, but a group of altcoins has now caught the firm’s attention. By adding a new range of cryptos to its platform, Fidelity hopes to attract a different class of investor, as well as giving clients the ability to gain a wide range of crypto exposure.

Stellar Cooking up a Storm

Stellar (XLM) has caught the eye of Fidelity following its meteoric rise up the crypto rankings by market cap. At the time of press, Stellar is sitting in 4th place after overtaking Bitcoin Cash following the controversial cryptocurrencies hash war debacle, which severely damaged its market cap. Stellar is a software fork of Ripple and boasts ultra-low-cost transactions in a fraction of a second. This potential could make it a great crypto for investors to keep in their portfolio. At $0.15 each, Stellar looks like a bargain buy as we head into the final stages of the year.

Ripple is Shining Brightly

Ripple (XRP) is another altcoin that has attracted the attention of Fidelity in the past few months. After an impressive run of announcements and partnerships with leading global banks, its price shot through the roof – helping it overtake Ethereum and slide into 2nd place by market cap. It has been fighting with Ethereum for 2nd place for a number of months, but it finally appears to have cemented that position.

EOS Still Attractive

EOS has fallen on hard times lately, but there has been some good news coming from the EOS camp, which is giving Fidelity a reason to consider it for listing. It’s most popular dApp – EOSBet – just received an online gambling license – making it the first licensed on-chain casino out there. This could prove to be an interesting option for Fidelity..

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin Up for Selection

Fidelity is also looking to list Bitcoin Cash (ABC) and Litecoin on its trading platform, mostly due to the reputation of both cryptos. They add a certain air of investor confidence to the trading platform, along with increased credibility. These two cryptos have been around for a number of years and have cemented themselves as stalwart top five cryptos.
Fidelity has already registered more than 13,000 clients to its crypto trading platform, and with the addition of these new altcoins it hopes to increase this number considerably. It’s planning on listing these new coins in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for further announcements.