Famous BitConnect Shillers now Promoting HEX

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Two of the most recognizable BitConnect shillers, Craig Grant and Trevon James, are promoting Richard Heart’s controversial HEX token – and he’s proud of it! In an interview given by Heart on Saturday, during which he also called HEX “better than Bitcoin”, it was claimed that the scammers, who are both awaiting court dates in relation to the BitConnect scam, are promoting the project not because they’re being paid, but because they “knew that it was going to be successful” and jumped on board.

Crypto’s Big Talking Point

HEX has been the crypto talking point over the past month, with the vast majority of opinions being negative ones. This is because the platform’s design is uniquely shaped to enrich Heart right off the bat and leave investors praying that the token will be valuable in however many years’ time they have locked it up for.

Things haven’t started well for these investors however as the value of the token has crashed 99% just days after launching on an exchange, while Heart has collected over 38,000 ETH ($5.5 million).

Heart’s Media Blitz

Heart has been attempting a media blitz to promote his token, being interviewed by the likes of Peter McCormack, Crypto Face, and Crypto Crow, with the latter interview revealing Heart’s pride in using disgraced BitConnect scammers Grant and James to try and boost adoption. On Saturday, James posted a video about HEX during which he made some incredible suppositions and showed an astounding lack of self-awareness over his past activities:

Richard Heart is going to have so much ETH by the time this 365 day lobby is over with that he would be a fool not to reinvest and build the HEX platform…because I’ve been in the dApp space for over 2 years now, and I know that’s how it works.

During his interview with Heart, Crypto Crow likened HEX to “a game of Hungry Hippos”, and in his response Heart admitted that “I think at some point this thing will drop 85-90%”, which is an incredible claim to make after thousands of people have invested in the scheme on the basis of huge returns. Of course he has already been proven right in this, given the coin’s 99% crash so far on exchanges.

Another exchange between the two will also have investors reeling:

CryptoCrow: “It sounds like a fun game, but it also does kind of sound a bit Ponzi-ish.”
Heart: “Yep. It does. Because we use similar language and similar tactics to successfully onboard users.”

This incredible admission, in addition to the huge gains promised by the platform, the complicated mathematical structure designed to baffle potential investors, and the use of two of the highest profile Ponzi scheme promoters in the crypto space, should be enough for anyone with any sense to steer well clear of this project.