Fake News Hits Craig Wright’s Latest Court Case Once More

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Craig Wright’s current court case with the Kleiman Estate continues to rage on, but last week a wave of copy and paste articles that were jam-packed with fake news flooded the internet. The fake news alleges that Craig Wright forged a deed of trust between Wright and Kleiman, signed 23rd October 2012, but the date stamp on the document is in fact for 2015. If the crypto news space wasn’t filled with amateur journalists that cut and paste articles for a quick and easy payday, then we could have seen the real reason behind this phenomenon revealed.

A Simple Scanner Related Mishap

In the court case, there are a number of documents and messages alleged to have been forged by Wright, but we’re focusing on the one that caught the media’s attention – the font issue on the deed of trust. When a document is scanned nothing changes – it’s essentially a photo. The scanner and PDF software won’t rewrite or replace the content, meaning that the copyright of the PDF font being for 2015 is simply because it was scanned in 2015 – or using a device that has the 2015 copyright notices on it. If people can’t understand how a scanner works, there is a good chance they don’t understand how or why Bitcoin works.

The Email Does Look Sketchy

During the trial, Craig Wright threw a paper into the bin and exclaimed that it was a PDF, not an email. He is referring to the email evidence brought against him by the Kleiman Estate that alleges that he tampered with an email and made a slight mistake when it comes to the date. There are two emails in question, one allegedly sent in 2011 and one sent in 2014. Both emails have exactly the same time stamp – to the second – and the same content. However, the one that’s allegedly from 2011 is dated Thursday 24th June, but in fact June 24th in 2011 was a Friday. This could be a clear-cut sign of forgery and tampering from Wright, but we have yet to see Wright tell his side of the story on this one.

Does it Really Matter Who Satoshi is?

Whoever created Bitcoin was truly a genius, but does anyone really need to take credit for it? Of course, the crypto world would love to know who the creator of Bitcoin was, but it looks like we will never know. Craig Wright has been asked to provide his Bitcoin addresses – including his Satoshi Nakamoto addresses – but has failed to do so, risking contempt of court. Craig Wright might not be Satoshi – which does raise questions as why is he claiming to be – but as Jimmy Nguyen – nChain Chairman – said in an exclusive interview with BitStarz News:

at the end of the day it doesn’t matter to me because I know other people who work with us – including our CTO – believe in the mission of what he’s trying to achieve. Craig is fully focused on making Bitcoin in its original design succeed by scaling it and keeping it stable as a protocol for businesses and people around the world to use it reliably.

If you want to test it out for yourself, take an old document, scan it and check out the copyright information in the details. We can guarantee it’s not the same date – or has the same font mentioned – as when the document was originally written.