Edward Snowden Joins Satoshi Nakamoto Debate

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  • Edward Snowden has joined the Satoshi Nakamoto debate by shutting down Craig Wright’s claims
  • Snowden responded to a tweet of Wright’s saying he invented Bitcoin with accusations that Wright was lying
  • Wright called Snowden “traitorous scum” before insisting he was Bitcoin’s creator

Edward Snowden has joined the debate over who and who may not be Satoshi Nakamoto by mocking the attempts of one man, Craig Wright, to claim the mantle. The pair discussed the matter on Twitter last night, with Snowden calling Wright a fraud and Wright calling Snowden “traitorous scum”. Snowden showed a surprising amount of insight on Wright, recalling the recent verdict in the Hodlonaut case, leaving Wright to throw nothing back but insulting barbs and argue that he hadn’t lost the case because an appeal was being prepared.

Snowden Calls Out Wright’s Bullshit

The disagreement began yesterday when Snowden pointed out that it was the 14th anniversary of the Bitcoin whitepaper being addressed by Satoshi Nakamoto on the Cypherpunks mailing list, marveling at how Nakamoto was still anonymous after all these years.

Wright, as is his wont, shot back with a riposte that set off the argument:

Wright’s name calling, which is ironic given his campaign against cyberbullying that formed the basis of his argument against Hodlonaut, merely stirred the hornet’s nest, and Snowden then went in for the kill, exposing Wright’s perpetual lying and fraud, digging out an instant example:

Snowden’s surprising amount of knowledge about Wright and his doings was a pleasant surprise for many, with Snowden’s evisceration garnering more than 25 times the number of likes that Wright’s response, showing just how much respect Wright has managed to accrue over his claims.

Wright Nearing End of Libel Campaign

Wright is reaching the tail end of a legal campaign against those he believed defamed him, a campaign that has so far seen him win a nominal £1 against Peter McCormack while being called out for lying by the judge, losing against Hodlonaut in Norway and letting all the other cases lapse. He has one more shot, against Hodlonaut in the UK, to make his three and a half year effort count for something.