Elon Musk and Dogecoin Founder Want to Battle Crypto Bots

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The crypto sphere never ceases to amaze, as an odd “connection” – if we can put it that way – seems to never be too far away. This time around, through a simple Twitter request, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer have crossed paths. In a tweet sent yesterday, Musk has asked Palmer to help him battle against “annoying” crypto scammers that seem to dirtying the cryptocurrency name on Twitter. Dogecoin has been in the media a lot lately, as it’s become a true top 20 coin, with it likely to receive another small boost based on this interaction.

Palmer Slides Into Musk’s DMs

In the tweet, Musk said, “@ummjackson if you can help get rid of the annoying scam spammers, that would be much appreciated.” Mentioning Palmer directly, it was clear that the Dogecoin creator wasn’t interested in having a public discussion on the matter, even though he did have a solution at hand. Replying almost instantly, “If you DM me (your DMs aren’t open), I’ll send you the script – it’s short, simple and you just run it with cron somewhere,” said Palmer. It looks like Musk’s request was granted, as Palmer updated his followers shortly after, “Update: Elon has the script… we had a good chat on how @jack and the Twitter team should definitely automate and fix this problem on their end though.” It was interesting to see Jack Dorsey dragged into the discussion, as the Twitter founder has faced criticism lately for not doing enough to tackle the social media platform’s growing bot problem.

Striking Down the Scambots

It appears that Musk has changed his tune on scambots, as back in July he seemed to find them amusing. In a tweet referencing the scambots using fake accounts of famous people, he found an Ethereum scambot to be particularly funny. “I want to know who is running the Etherium scambots! Mad skillz,” he said. But, it’s not only Musk that has had to face these scambots head on, as the issue seems to be rife across all forms of social media. Telegram CEO Pavel Durov, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, and plenty others have all been impersonated by scam accounts in recent months, as crypto criminals look for clever ways to deceive people.

An Unignorable Problem

The scambot issue has become something that Dorsey can no longer ignore, especially as high-profile individuals like Musk and Palmer are openly talking about it. Dorsey has suggested that blockchain technology could be the answer to fight back against fake news, misinformation, and various crypto related scams.