Do Kwon “Obviously on the Run”

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  • Do Kwon is “obviously on the run” according to prosecutors
  • Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office has taken steps to apprehend the Terra founder
  • Kwon has claimed that he is not avoiding arrest and is ready to defend himself

Singapore authorities say that Terra founder Do Kwon is “obviously” on the run, despite the South Korean denying the accusation. An arrest warrant was issued for Kwon last week by Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office who accused him of violating capital laws, and with Kwon not handing himself over soon after, suggestions were soon raised that Kwon was hiding from authorities from his Singapore base. After Kwon denied such suggestions, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office insisted today that Kwon was doing all he could to avoid handing himself over and is considering enlisting Interpol to assist in apprehending him.

Kwon Denies He is Avoiding Prosecutors

Kwon took to Twitter on Saturday to proclaim in a lengthy thread that he was not ““on the run” or anything similar” and that his legal team is in “full cooperation”, insisting he has nothing to hide:

Kwon also said that the five other Terra executives also accused along with him are “defending ourselves in multiple jurisdictions” and that they “look forward to clarifying the truth over the next few months”.

Prosecuters Claim Kwon is Evading Capture

Prosecutors have since taken a different view however. Local media outlet Yonhap reported over the weekend that The Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office believes that Kwon is in fact not cooperating with the investigation and told them through his lawyer recently that he had no intention to appear for questioning. They added that prosecutors have asked Seoul’s foreign ministry to revoke Kwon’s passport and have “circumstantial evidence” that Kwon is attempting to escape.

This will be aided by an Interpol ‘red notice’ which was thought to have already been issued, but this now seems a formality.