Quantfury Bridges the Gap Between Financial Markets and Crypto

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Since crypto trading became popular with the masses, there has always been a gap between trading traditional stocks and cryptocurrencies. There were initially very few platforms that offered the ability to trade both from the same app, and those that existed were clunky and not user-friendly at all. Quantfury lets you get your hands on units linked to the price of various cryptos and you can then use such as collateral to trade the global stock markets – pretty awesome, right?

Use Bitcoin to Buy Tesla Shares

There comes a time in every crypto trader’s life where they need to diversify their portfolio. If you don’t diversify, you’re opening yourself up to a whole new level of risk. Quantfury lets you use your crypto as collateral to buy shares in the biggest firms from all around the globe. All you have to do is lock up a small amount of crypto as collateral and Quantafury will give you 20x leverage trading on the global stock markets. This means that if you use just $100 worth of Bitcoin as collateral, you could score yourself $2,000 worth of Tesla shares. If you’re not into Tesla, there are 779 stocks available from the US and Europe to satisfy your hunger for diversification.

No Bitcoin is Harmed During the Investing Process

If you are worried about what happens to the crypto that you lock up as collateral, fear not – as your Bitcoin is safe. Quantfury places your Bitcoin in a cold storage account and doesn’t sell it. If you close a negative position on the stock market, the margin will be calculated and the losses will be removed from your Bitcoin balance. Once you’re ready to cash out your stock investments back into crypto, all you have to do is change the fiat back into Bitcoin and your Bitcoin collateral will be returned to you.

Actual Crypto Trading Has Arrived

There are numerous apps out there that claim to offer crypto trading, but in fact use a unit linked to the price of the crypto asset. Many firms will claim that you can’t see your private keys or pull out your crypto due to regulations and anti-money laundering policies, but that’s untrue. If you want to trade real cryptos and get your hands on real cryptos, use a platform like Quantfury that lets you transfer your crypto out to your own wallet. Remember, not your private keys, not your crypto.
Quantfury is changing the way crypto traders diversify their portfolios in a really unique way. The mobile app’s interface is stunning and it’s incredibly simple to use. There are a few apps out there trying to make crypto trading really simple with sleek user interfaces, but nothing quite comes close to Quantfury. If you’re looking to diversify your crypto portfolio and want to manage everything from one platform, Quantfury is definitely the way to go.