CryptoPunk to Feature in Paris Art Museum Display

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  • Yuga Labs has donated a CryptoPunk for display at Europe’s top art museum in Paris
  • The CryptoPunk will share the stage with a Larva Labs’ Autoglyph NFT
  • This is the first time France’s top art museum is featuring NFTs in its collection

Yuga Labs has donated CryptoPunk #110 for display at France’s top art museum Centre Pompidou. The CryptoPunk will share the stage with Larva Labs’ Autoglyph #25 and 16 other NFTs from an array of digital artists, as the museum makes its first step in recognizing digital collectibles. This is Yuga Labs’ second punk donation in an initiative aiming to give CryptoPunks to top art institutions.

A First in its History

In an announcement last week, Centre Pompidou disclosed that the inclusion of CryptoPunk and other collectibles in its upcoming exhibition is a first in its history and is meant to define the coming together of physical and blockchain-powered digital art. 

Centre Pompidou aims to showcase a total of 18 NFTs drawn from leading creators in the world, giving them the privilege to share the stage with respected artists such as Henri Matisse and Vassily Kandinsky. 

The museum disclosed that it settled on whose work to display by focusing on artists who concentrate on “crypto art, […] explored the digital field since the 1990s [and those that] seize, from the field of contemporary art, the question posed by the blockchain.”

CryptoPunk #305 Already in Miami

According to Yuga Labs co-founder Greg Solano, having a punk in the upcoming exhibition lineup at Europe’s largest contemporary art museum benefits the wider Web 3.0 space. Yuga has already donated CryptoPunk #305 to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Miami three months ago. 

In a statement, Yuga Labs noted that the museum’s move signifies that the conventional art world recognizes CryptoPunks as “an important art movement.” Although the CryptoPunk’s role in the exhibition hasn’t been clearly defined, it comes at a time when the collection is finding its way on other decentralized platforms like Bitcoin and Ripple, adding to its popularity among collectors.