Crypto Cricket Club Bowls Over Uniswap Fans

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Crypto Cricket Club, a blockchain based fantasy cricket project, is one of the most interesting Uniswap listings to emerge
  • The project is based in India, where the fantasy cricket market is worth $150 billion
  • The token will soon be heading to bigger exchanges, suggesting that is could soon explode

Uniswap has had its fair share of unique tokens, but one that certainly seems to have bowled over the space is Crypto Cricket Club, a fantasy cricket platform that promises to revolutionize the multi billion dollar industry. The token itself has enjoyed huge success since listing on Uniswap at the end of July and has won a legion of fans, and with the platform set for testing within weeks and bigger exchanges in sight, it could be just the start for this interesting project.

Crypto Cricket Club Taps into $150 Billion Market

Fantasy sports is of course a huge market that covers a variety of sports, and one that is ripe for the blockchain revolution. Picks, changes, and scores can be easily and permanently recorded onto the blockchain, with users able to engage in multiple cricket tournaments with different formats in any country once the platform is up and running.

Crypto Cricket Club joined the blockchain fray in early 2020 as a new take on the fantasy sports movement, tapping into the $150 billion fantasy cricket market in India. 3CS token holders will also be able to play on any real or fantasy sports event happening in any country around the world, taking advantage of the fact that the cryptocurrency aspect will allow seamless payment, even across international borders.

Uniswap Finally Has a Real World Use Token

Cricket collectibles are also part of Crypto Cricket Club’s plans, illustrating another possible dimension to the project. Very few other coins on Uniswap have a genuine, real world use, especially among the general public, and Crypto Cricket Club could be one of the few blockchain projects that has the ability to quickly punch through to the mainstream.

Crypto Cricket Club announced a staking partnership with Ferrum on Thursday, meaning that token holders can start staking their 3CS tokens in Ferrum’s Unifyre wallet imminently. The token itself is retracing after a huge pump, but if the team can pull off what they intend to then it could prove to be a bargain as the platform rolls out.