First Block Capital Launches Distributed Ledger Technology ETF

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First Block Capital – Canada’s first registered investment fund manager – has launched its new distributed ledger technology (DLT) ETF. The ETF is designed to give investors exposure to companies that are using DLT to enhance and develop their businesses. While the ETF is focusing on firms using this technology, it isn’t a tech ETF. It will invest in firms like Walmart – who is implementing DLT to track produce in seconds rather than days – and Sony – who is using DLT to manage right and track digital assets. The DLT ETF from First Block Capital is the first of its kind and will change the way investors look at firms before buying their stock.

ETFs are More Popular Than Ever

ETFs give investors a quick and easy way to own a basket of companies without having to buy multiple different stocks. In addition to this, ETFs trade like stocks rather than funds, meaning traders can get in and out of an ETF in seconds. Due to this low cost and the quick trade execution nature of ETFs, they have become increasingly popular among traders over the last few years.

American Investors Can Join in

Fortunately for American investors, you don’t need to worry about the SEC ruining the party. The DLT ETF is available for trading on the NEO Connect Exchange – the same location as First Block Capital’s Bitcoin Mutual Fund – and has already seen traders getting involved with it. The DLT ETF is denominated in Canadian Dollars and is currently trading at $9.61, down $0.30 from its all-time high. It can be found on the exchange with the ticker FBCN.

Block Capital is Leading the Way

When it comes to innovation, First Block Capital is miles ahead of the pack. First Block Capital has created the first regulated Bitcoin Mutual Fund that actually goes out and spends the holdings on Bitcoin, then sells the Bitcoin with investors cash out from the fund. When we spoke to Sean Clark – First Block Capital’s CEO – he said “[We] wanted to create a seamless process where you could buy bitcoins like you could buy any other stock”. This drive to help investors gain access to the crypto markets is unparalleled in the investment world.
In a press release to announce the new DLT ETF, Sean Clark said, “Since launching First Block Capital’s Bitcoin Trust, our team has been exposing the investment community to blockchain investment opportunities. The First Block Capital Distributed Ledger Technology Adopters ETF is an example of how we are expanding our suite of financial products to ensure investors have access to an asset class and investment opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t.”
First Block Capital is creating an on ramp for institutional money to begin flowing directly into crypto markets, as well as firms that are utilizing this new technology. People who are afraid of crypto exchanges will also benefit from its new range of financial products, giving these investors access to markets that they previously couldn’t enter.