Can You Spot the #CryptoHeroes Crossing the Delaware?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Fans of cryptocurrency and American history have been revelling in the crypto puzzle that appeared on Twitter recently which asks them to name the #cryptoheroes crossing the Delaware as part of the revolutionary war against big banks. The puzzle, set by decentralized cloud providers Experty, has had the crypto community combing the internet to see if they can identify who has taken the place of George Washington’s Continental Army troops.

Capturing Blockchain’s War on Trust

The famous image, which captures the moment in 1776 that Washington led his army on a surprise attack on British-commanded German mercenaries in Trenton, New Jersey, has been amended to feature 12 famous faces in the world of crypto, with the boat bearing the inscription “In Blockchain we Trust!”.

Some faces are immediately recognizable, particularly that of Dorian Nakamoto, the retired physicist erroneously identified as Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto in 2014. Others are a little harder to identify, although some have already taken a stab at doing so:

Experty are yet to confirm if anyone has managed to get all 12 yet, although [SPOILER ALERT] one tweet seems to have gotten pretty close:

Are You a #CryptoHero Too?

There are no prizes for correctly identifying the dozen conquerors, apart from the knowledge that you, like them, truly are a crypto hero. And that should be enough to make anyone’s day.