BTCPay Directory Lets You Showcase your BTCPay Store

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BTCPay has been transforming the Bitcoin network by allowing stores to quickly integrate Bitcoin payments. In June 2018, BTCPay announced that it was working on a Lightning Network integration, with it finally going live a month later in July. Now, BTCPay has launched the BTCPay directory, allowing stores, projects, and businesses to showcase themselves. Think of it like the Yellow Pages for stores that accept Bitcoin through BTCPay – pretty handy, right?

Hundreds of Stores Already Listed

If you’re looking to live the Bitcoin life and ditch fiat, then BTCPay Directory is going to become a staple in your life. You can quickly filter results by industry and find the product, service or platform you’re looking for. There are already hundreds of businesses showcasing their products, so you can start using it right away.

Booking Your Next Vacation Using BTCPay

The travel industry has already gone all out with Bitcoin and other cryptos. A number of big-name travel sites have begun accepting crypto, and hundreds of smaller sites have joined in too. The Binance-powered TravelbyBit recently pushed its brand new website and app live, allowing customers to book flights and hotels using Bitcoin, BNB, and Litecoin. If you prefer to use BTCPay thanks to its sleek user interface, you can now book your flights using Cheapair. Cheapair has deployed BTCPay’s payment gateway on its website, meaning you can use BTCPay and the Lightning Network to pay for your next trip abroad.

How Can I Get Added?

If you’ve got a project or business using BTCPay, there is a good chance you’re already in the BTCPay Directory. As soon as it launched, BTCPay added a whole raft of companies to the directory. Should your chosen business not be listed yet or you just signed up, the team over at BTCPay is working around the clock to list new businesses – so be patient, it will be added soon. This means that every time you check back, there will be more companies to pick from – perfect for anyone looking to sniff out a bargain.

Integrations like BTCPay are making accepting crypto easier and easier for businesses, while services like its directory make shopping simpler for Bitcoin maximalists. There is a huge range of business already accepting crypto through BTCPay, so we’re pretty sure you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in no time at all. It’s only a matter of time before there are thousands of businesses listed in the BTCPay Directory!