Simon Tadros Denies Energi Defense Scam Claims

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  • Simon Tadros, accused by Energi Defense of being the cryptocurrency thief Kratøs, has defended himself and attacked his accusers
  • Trados says that Energi CEO Tommy World Power is a “drugged psychopath con artist”
  • World Power has doubled down on the accusations

Simon Tadros, the individual accused by Energi of being “Discord’s biggest scammer” responsible for cryptocurrency thefts in the millions of dollars, has denied the accusations and labelled Energi CEO Tommy World Power a “drugged psychopath con artist”. Tadros has also criticized the Energi project, calling it “a joke” and accused the team of a series of improprieties regarding its governance.

Simon Tadros: I’m Not Kratøs

Energi claimed to have exposed Tadros as a crypto scammer in a lengthy piece published Wednesday, following what they called a two-year investigation that allegedly outed him as Kratøs, a scammer active in Discord groups who stole cryptocurrency and masternodes from unsuspecting individuals.

Tadros immediately hit back at the claims, posting numerous rebuttals on Twitter before emailing FullyCrypto with a lengthy response. In the email, Tadros says that he first met Kratøs in a Discord group for a masternode coin in 2017, and then came across him again in 2020 when Kratøs was a moderator in the Energi Discord channel.

Tadros claims that their conversations, where he and his colleague enquired about using Kratøs’ scam detection bot in a Discord channel for their own project, represents “the hard evidence [the] Energi elite team used to defame my character, my projects, and my company.” Tadros also states that the OTC Bitcoin sale Energi used to claim that Tadros was selling Bitcon soon after stealing it was one of the many sales he conducts daily as “community leader of the biggest group based in Lebanon.”

Tadros Says Energi Project is “a Joke”

Further to defending himself, Tadros attacks the merits and integrity of Energi, accusing the team of orchestrating pump and dumps of the NRG coin, restricting deposits of NRG for four months to allow the team to sell first, and imposing a 5,000 confirmation level on the token “so they can manipulate the price” among other accusations.

Tadros says he is not alone in these accusations, as he has since received messages from those experienced with the Energi project who agree with him that the project is “turning into a joke”, with many insiders in fact alarmed that funds were wasted on ‘tracking down’ Tadros rather than going toward the project itself.

Could Tommy World Power be Kratøs

In the ultimate twist, Tadros suggests that Tommy could himself Kratøs, and by focusing his efforts on fingering Tadros he is drawing attention away from himself. However, with little evidence to support this theory it has to remain conjecture at this point.

With Simon Tadros threatening to sue Tommy over the accusations it is clear this strange episode is destined to run on, and with the Energi CEO sticking to his claims that Tadros is guilty of “breaking into people’s PC’s and stealing their money” there is clearly little chance of either side backing down yet.