BSV PayPal Omission is “Good”, Says Calvin Ayre

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  • The omission of BSV from PayPal’s new crypto offering is “good for BSV” according to Calvin Ayre
  • BSV was not included in the four coins on the new platform, while the two coins from which it forked, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, were
  • Ayre then begged supporters to “educate” PayPal on the benefits of BSV in the hope of a listing

Calvin Ayre has claimed that the omission of Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) from the new PayPal cryptocurrency platform is “good for BSV”, despite Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash being two of the four coins initially available on launch. Ayre offered little explanation for his rationale, just saying that “I have that feeling”, ignoring the concerns from others that it further relegated the importance of BSV.

BSV Left Out in the Cold

PayPal announced their initial lineup at the time of the announcement, with Ethereum and Litecoin joining the two forms of Bitcoin on the platform, given that these are the four tokens accepted in their partner Paxos’ wallet. In fact, Paxos is very clear that it does not support BSV:


BSV fans were unsurprisingly defiant over the omission of Craig Wright’s pet project, with some bemoaning the addition of less technologically advanced coins over their own:

These arguments may be factually correct, but they ignore the fact that PayPal’s crypto offering actually has little to do with the cryptocurrencies themselves. PayPal is offering a crypto derivative platform, which means that the underlying asset plays no part in the transaction. This renders the technical specifications of the coins in question utterly irrelevant as they won’t be leaving the platform – everything will be conducted through PayPal’s servers.

BSV fans always revert to the scaling argument as evidence of the prowess of their project, but their omission from the PayPal crypto platform shows that once this argument is removed, the project has less merit than the other four already chosen.

Ayre Changes Tack

Less than 24 hours after saying that the lack of BSV on the PayPal crypto platform was a good thing for BSV however, Ayre was desperately trying to rally the beleaguered BSV troops into achieving the exact opposite:

Despite this rallying call from Craig Wright’s paymaster, others were still sticking to the idea that there were other, better platforms out there on which BSV could really show its potential:

Yeah, who needs PayPal anyway, right?

If this wasn’t enough, Ayre then flip-flopped once more, illustrating his complete lack of knowledge about the concept of a contract for difference:

Ayre and his BSV gang don’t seem to be able to decide whether being on the PayPal platform is something they want or not, with the confusion among supporters, and even from the bankroller general himself, perhaps explaining why the project has dropped out of the top 10 this year after being fifth in February.