Blockchain Domains Have Evolved Massively

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Blockchain domains have come a long way since they were first launched a year ago
  • You can now use Unstoppable Domains’ addresses with a number of major wallets, including Coinbase Wallet
  • Blockchain domains will make the crypto transaction process much easier for everyone and the web more censorship resistant

Last year, a project called Unstoppable Domains announced its plan to launch blockchain domains. Simply put, these were going to be customizable domains that you could link to your crypto wallets to make sending and receiving as easy as sharing a human readable address, such as Fully.Crypto.

However, on launch day, there were some snags and people were left confirming their domains for weeks on end. Since then, much has gone on in the world of blockchain domains and they’ve really come a long way!

Now Compatible with a Ton of Wallets!

At the launch, there were only a couple of wallets that supported this technology, based on the Zilliqa blockchain. These were mostly smaller wallets that not too many of the wider crypto community uses. Just as promised, Unstoppable Domains managed to increase the list of supported wallets, with 23 wallets currently supporting them, including Coinbase Wallet!

Blockchain Websites are Now Possible

On top of being able to send and receive crypto to human readable addresses, Unstoppable Domains also touted the ability to let you take control of your websites. These domains promise to prevent anyone else, including government authorities and hosting providers, from being able to take down your site – Ross Ulbricht, take note.

In the early days, this wasn’t yet possible, but now after several releases and updates, it’s now actually very easy to do. There are even two browser extensions that you can install to help you gain access to these sites and browse them, just as if you’re on the clear web.

What’s Next?

There are new updates from the Unstoppable Domains camp every week, and if the recent backing from Draper Associates is anything to go by, we’re going to see these blockchain based domains really take off over the course of the next few months.

Stay tuned!