Unstoppable Domains Hits a Huge Deployment Snag

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Blockchain domains are touted as the next big thing in the crypto world, helping adoption to reach new highs. Unstoppable Domains is just one of the projects offering the grandiose claims of being able to send crypto to people by using a simple address rather than a long computer-generated blockchain address. However, on deployment day Unstoppable Domains hit a massive snag that has delayed the launch process by more than a week, with customers complaining and patchy updates.

Updating the Blockchain

Unstoppable Domains has built its blockchain domains on top of the Zilliqa network, a network that’s well known for its sluggishness. Zilliqa has asked Unstoppable Domains to pause the domain claiming process so that they can work on network maintenance, infuriating the community of blockchain domain owners. There is a huge backlog of more than 10,000 domains waiting to be claimed, and unscheduled maintenance of the network still has no end in sight.

Increasing the Claim Rate

Before the system went down for maintenance, Unstoppable Domains has capped the claim rate at 300 per hour. This means that only 300 domains every hour would be released to their owners. In a bid to try and clear up the backlog and get the domains working properly, Unstoppable Domains has promised to increase the claim rate to 1,000 per hour. Given the extensive backlog that is growing by the day, we will likely see all domains active and useable sometime next week.

Not Totally Unstoppable

Unfortunately, for the time being the only crypto wallet that supports payments to the working blockchain domains is Moonlet. It’s unclear when other leading wallets will add support for blockchain domains, creating a sense of frustration amongst the community. Secondly, Unstoppable Domains has reserved the right to censor activity that takes place on its domains. One of its selling points was that nobody can take these domains away from you, but Unstoppable Domains has openly admitted that it will burn all domains that partake in unsavory activity. These two snags could be huge turn-offs for potential network users, but we will only be able to see the extent of the damage caused once all domains are live.

Unstoppable Domains has let a lot of people down by promising a launch date they couldn’t adhere to. With information and updates dripping out slowly, it’s going to be some time before the whole community is fully up to date with the latest network status.