BitOasis to Delist BSV From Platform

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  • Middle East exchange BitOasis will remove BSV from its exchange next week
  • BitOasis, which calls itself the oldest and biggest crypto exchange in the region, gave no reason for the removal
  • BSV has now lost five exchanges in two years

BitOasis, the self-styled “first and largest digital currency platform and exchange” in the Middle East, has told customers that it will delist the BSV token from its platform next week. BitOasis informed customers via email that “Bitcoin SV (BSV) will be fully removed on Monday 19th of April, 2021” but didn’t go into the reasons why. BitOasis is the fifth exchange to have delisted BSV within two years, although naturally BSV supporters claimed that they are on the road to success.

BitOasis to Remove Bitcoin SV Next Week

The BitOasis email arrived into customers’ inboxes on Saturday, with no prior warning seemingly given. After informing customers that the BSV token would be pulled next week, insult was added to injury when the exchange informed customers that any remaining BSV balances would be converted to BTC:

bitoasis bsv

BitOasis gave no reason for the delisting, with nothing appearing on their website to explain the decision, and they did not respond to FullyCrypto’s request for further information.

By now of course BSV supporters are used to their favorite token being booted off platforms. BSV was famously kicked off Binance, Kraken, and ShapeShift a little under two years ago when creator Craig Wright began his legal campaign against anyone who dared say he wasn’t Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

In February OKCoin took the same action after Wright’s ludicrous attempt to assert copyright over the Bitcoin whitepaper, with the exchange’s CEO Hong Fang stating that her team were “very disturbed by the copyright claim and threat of legal actions that Craig Wright is waging against the open-source community.”

BSV Community Stand Behind Their Project

The BSV cult community reacted to the BitOasis delisting with the same response they have done with the other delistings so far, with conspiracy theories, boasts about BSV’s (imagined) prowess, and how everyone will cower before its sheer might in the blockchain world:

Since spiking to $420 in January 2020, the price of the BSV token has had a terrible time of it, cratering back to $104 during the March 2020 crash and only putting on 168% in a time when Bitcoin has grown 1,500%.