Is PixelPortfolio the Coolest Way to Track Your Crypto Stacks?

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There are so many ways to hodl crypto, but very few have fun and funky ways to visualize your stacks of crypto. Most stick to the rather corporate theme that you would expect from a stock trading platform, not daring to break the trend.

If you’re bored of this suit and tie portfolio tracking style, then we think we’ve found the perfect mobile app for you. Get ready to say hello to PixelPortfolio. It’s a fun and funk way to visually see how much crypto you’re stacking and a great way to achieve your crypto savings goals!

Android Users Only… For Now

For Android users, you can dive into the PixelPortfolio experience right away, visualizing your stacks at every twist and turn. Currently, there is no iOS app, but we can’t imagine the developer behind the project will keep it off the Apple store for long. To get your hands on this cool looking app, all you’ve got to do is head over to the Google Play store and download the official version. It’s free and easy to use – it’s really as simple as that!

How Does it Work?

The developer behind the portfolio tracking app has created some funky graphics and plugged it in to an API from coingecko to get the live price of the cryptos the app supports. Simply put in how much of a particular coin you have and it will create a cool looking money box that slowly fills up as you add to your crypto wallet, helping you see exactly how close you are to your savings goals in a fun way.

More Apps Like This are Needed

If there’s one thing the crypto world isn’t, it’s corporate. Crypto hodlers are from all walks of life, and the current one skin suits all is getting rather boring. It’s about time crypto hodlers got a funky way of visualizing their crypto stacks.

Have you got a crypto tracking app that you simply love?

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