Bitcoin SV is May’s Top Performing Token… By A Long Way

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May saw crypto markets booming higher and higher, but with a slight dip towards the end, gains remained relatively even across the board. That being said, a few tokens managed to scoop up massive gains throughout the month, with Bitcoin SV the standout performer. Bitcoin rose a whopping 67% in May – largely thanks to the Consensus Blockchain Conference – but Bitcoin SV blew this out of the water with an epic 231% gain.

Bitcoin SV On Top Form

Bitcoin SV hasn’t had an easy start to life. After the project lost the great Bitcoin Cash hash war of 2018, Bitcoin SV sank in value to fresh all-time lows. Then, Craig Wright – Bitcoin SV founder – started attacking the crypto community, causing numerous exchanges to delist the token. However, this new all-time low meant the token’s value realistically couldn’t sink any lower. Bitcoin SV kicked off its massive month of gains with the CoinGeek conference – a blockchain conference organized by Bitcoin SV’s co-founder – Calvin Ayre. Almost as soon as Bitcoin SV ran out of momentum from the conference, a rumor started spreading that it was about to get relisted on Binance – a rumor that turned out to be false. Whether you love it or hate it, Bitcoin SV was May’s top performing token – even if it did require fake news to get there.

It Wasn’t Even A Close Competition

What makes this achievement even more incredible is the fact that Bitcoin SV was the top performing token in May by a VERY long way. In fact, it was so far ahead, it could have taken a 100% nosedive and still remained ahead of the market’s second-best performer. Coming in second place was Link with a 96% growth in price. You might be sat there thinking, but these are all shitcoins, and if you are then you’re probably not trading tokens properly. At the end of the day, gains are gains – it doesn’t matter if it’s a shitcoin or not. Bitcoin SV cleared the competition in street shoes, shooting a whole 135% higher than Link.

The debate about whether Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto or not still rumbles on, but the crypto community is banding together against Wright. Many people don’t believe the Australian businessman, and so far, he has offered up very little proof. At the end of the day, his token is pumping the hardest which indicated a ton of community support behind it – highlighting that whether Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is having the best token out there, and Bitcoin SV is starting to look like it could become the daddy of all cryptos!